The Prophecy Letter was written and published by Brother Harold Lafferty for many years. He was a remarkably spiritual, knowledgeable, and influential Brother who labored diligently to expound the Word of God and keep the Household up to date on the latest developments of the Lord's prophecy. His website The Prophecy Letter was frequently utilized by the Household.

Brother Harold was an inspiration to countless Brothers and Sisters, and his passing was in fact the driving force behind the formation of this very website: The Gospel Proclamation.

With his unfortunate falling asleep in Christ on December 27, 2021, there was great fear that his labor of so many years would be lost. It is for this reason that the content of his website has been transferred over to this one, duplicated in the same format and style as much as was transferrably possible. Harold had two websites: one covering the years 2009-2012 and the other from 2013 onward. Both websites have been incorporated under the one heading, eTPL.

As we are continuing Brother Harold's work, we have entitled our prophecy emails The Gospel Proclamation Prophecy Letter, abbreviated as TGP Prophecy Letter.

We invite you to peruse Brother Harold's labor of so many years, for it is a treasure of Scriptural knowledge. His tact and vivacious spirit for the things of God pervades through his writing and impresses itself upon the reader. We have personally known few who had such intense love for our Lord and His Word. It is with great anticipation that we look forward to the day when our Master will return and awaken our Brother out of his temporal slumber. If we have known anyone who we believe will have Christ's righteousness imputed to him in that wondrous day, we count Harold among them.

Tanner Hawkins, Editor and Publisher

January 21, 2022

H. E. Lafferty


"For Zion's sake will I not hold my peace

and for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest." Isaiah 62:1

The Prophecy Letter was published by this author in paper form for nearly sixteen years, beginning in 1990, well before the availability of the World Wide Web (www). Our avowed purpose was to research its many subjects as thoroughly as possible, examining earlier viewpoints and, in the tradition and approach of credible textual research, to seek to determine the veracity of earlier conclusions: to re-prove or to disprove them – to establish workable solutions and qualified standards for what many think of as a formidable field of endeavor.

Its purpose was to explore End-time prophecy based strictly upon Bible exegesis, relying almost completely on original research rather than on contemporary or past commentators on Bible prophecy, many of whom, with the passage of many years, have proven to be erroneous in both minor and major points of actual fulfillment.

Since about one-third of the entire Bible is concerned with prophetic matters (i. e., matters which at the time the prophecy was written were yet future) it is imperative that we come to grips with this important subject and understand it as thoroughly as we are able. (Revelation 1:1-3; John 13: 19) When we dig deeper into its treasure house, we find that even the finest points are often revealed to our earnest, diligent, inquisitive minds. Its understanding can mean the difference between life and death in the eternal context.

For example, it foretells in numerous places that Christ shall return to the earth a second time – i. e., in the Second Advent. Just what does this mean? Who is this Christ, and why is He coming? What will His arrival have to do with the affairs of this world and our own personal lives? Why do we need to understand more about this pending event? If this is His Second Advent, when was His first? (Believe it or not there are many who do not know the answers to those questions!) But truly, the answers to these questions bear on some of the most important principles of God's word, and define for us Salvation itself.

In the course of my own personal affairs of health, a year or so ago, it became impossible for me to continue the considerable task of researching, writing, publishing, addressing, stuffing and mailing TPL to all subscribers. Just maintaining the mail list was a grueling task near the end! So we have opted for a more workable approach – electronic publishing – which will be freely available to all the folk who have their computers connected to the World Wide Web. We are aware that it can't reach everyone whom it formerly reached but we’re doing the next best thing for our own health's sake.

We believe now is the time of our life for our most intense devotion to God's word and its revelations; the Second Advent is surely near; we must be ready – with our lamps well oiled and burning brightly – not with lamps void of oil having their wicks untrimmed. This latter group will find much to their chagrin that the eternal inheritance has passed them by because of their sloth and laziness, their indifference and their slackness. (Matthew 25: 1 - 13)

Our hope is to promote individual private research in matters of Bible prophecy - to help each student who reaches these pages to become familiar with what is expected to occur on the rapidly moving stages of world history. As history is merely prophecy fulfilled, all prophecy eventually 'rolls over' into history in its fulfillment. The implication is that prophecy contains our sure hope of salvation; God only knows what the future holds in store for His servants. In the most vital instances, He has foretold these key events for our learning and admonition. He expects us to exert an earnest effort to uncover these marvelous things and take them to our hearts – in order to generate greater faith in each one of us.

This is the end to which we shall continue to strive – the result that we continually hope to achieve – greater faith, and therefore greater adherence to His word by each student of it.

Therefore we invite you to peruse these pages with your open Bible beside your computer screen so that you may verify the suggestions made and the proposals set forth. We intend for each proposal to be consistent with all remaining scripture, for if it is not so it will surely be worthless in our pursuit of prophetic truth! I intend to make frequent contributions of both new and old material to these pages as the coming months pass.

May our journey be one of great profit – of enlightenment in the eternal Plan of our Heavenly Father. When you have suggestions or comments, we hope you will make them known to the editor and publisher of The e-Prophecy Letter. He will try to act upon your suggestions and questions with alacrity and promptness all within the bounds of his limited powers to do so. May God be with you and keep you … and cause His face to shine upon you, and give you peace.

Yours in the Master's service,

H E Lafferty,

Editor and Publisher

Note: The photo in our masthead is Mt. Hermon viewed from the Golan Heights. In my opinion, Mt. Hermon is the Mount of Transfiguration - "an high mountain apart" (Matthew 17:1).