Q&A 2014

"Why Hasn't ISIS Invaded Israel?"

Comments from a Correspondent on ISIS' Intentions

October 5, 2014

Dear Brother Harold,

Yesterday, I printed off the Internet an article entitled, "Why hasn't ISIS invaded Israel"?

A spokesman for ISIS explained that as soon as ISIS controls Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and Jordan, they will go after Israel.

In other words, as soon as "The Nations Round About" are in the control of ISIS (The latter day Assyrian), the Arab/Israeli war will take place.

Thus, prophesy comes together for us. We read in Scripture how The Nations Round About are to come against Israel (Zech. 14: 14; Ezek. 28: 26); also we read that "the Assyrian shall come into our land and tread in our palaces" (Micah 5: 5-6). These are both saying the same thing, for the "Nations Round About" will be in the control of ISIS and collectively they will all be the latter day "Assyrian."

Micah 5: 5 relates that against the Assyrian will be raised "Seven Shepherds and eight principle men." that is, perfected and immortal ones (The saints Zech. 14: 5; Isa. 26: 20-21). Seven is the number of perfection; while Eight is the number of Immortality in Scripture.

The U.S. imagines they will be responsible for the destruction of Isis. No, God will destroy ISIS (Micah 5: 15; Ezek. 28: 26).

Fraternally, _________

Response to the Prophecy Letter Concerning Ezekiel’s “Three Over-turnings”

Dear Harold,

In addition to the two comments that you have already received, I would like to make an additional new suggestion concerning Ezekiel’s “three over-turnings.”

Your original comment and the two additional comments, as well as the general understanding of (our scholars) have assumed that what is being “overturned” is the Royal Judaic house of Israel – the civil authority.

I would respectfully submit (based upon solid biblical evidence), that Ezekiel 21:25-27 should be exclusive interpreted as apply to the Religious Levitical order. What is being “overturned” three times is the Jewish Religious Temple, with the “wicked prince” (21:25), being the High Priest at the time of Ezekiel’s prophecy.

Biblical Evidence Supporting such a Viewpoint

Point 1: The Diadem: Ezekiel 21:25-27

Verse 26 says; “Remove the diadem.” The Hebrew word for “diadem” is mitsnepheth. This word is used only twelve times in the Old Testament and it is only here in Ezekiel 21:26 that mitsnepheth is translated diadem.

The other eleven times that it is used, mitsnepheth is consistently translated as “miter.” More importantly, the context of these eleven times is that they all have reference to the cloth headgear worn by the Levitical High Priest! (Exodus 28:4,37,37,39; 29:6,6; 39:28,31; Leviticus 8:9,9; 16:4).

Consequently, the preponderant weight of scriptural evidence identifies the Hebrew word mitsnepheth as being the headgear exclusively worn by the High Priest.

Had the translators of our KJV [in Ezekiel] been consistent (which is one of the hallmarks of attaining unto truth), they should have correctly translated mitsnepheth as “miter.” This would have then permitted bible students to make the correct connection as “miter” being exclusively applied to the High Priest and not to the royal Judaic kingship.

The mitsnepheth was Part of Aaron’s “holy garments.” Anyone who would be bold enough to touch or to wear any of these “holy garment,” would be instantly struck down dead. Consequently, if the any royal king took and wore any part of the holy garments, he would be struck down dead.

Point 2: The Crown:

To the best of our knowledge, the royal king only wore one headgear – the royal crown. In Ezekiel, it says; “Remove the diadem, and take off the crown.” Ezekiel [thus] identifies this “Prince,” as wearing two headgears simultaneously – [by use of] “and.” This “wicked prince” wore a cloth headgear; and placed on top was a golden crown.

Again, there is addition biblical evidence that Ezekiel, in these verses is exclusively addressing the Levitical High Priest. “And he [Moses] put the miter [mitsnepheth] upon his [Aaron’s] head. Also upon the miter, even upon his forefront, did he put the golden plate, the holy crown” (Leviticus 8:9 & Exodus 29:6).

The wearing of two different headgears gives additional evidence that this “prince” has reference to the Levitical order and not the Judaic order.

Point 3: The Prince:

Verse 25 addresses “thou profane wicked prince of Israel.” At the time of Ezekiel’s writing, there would have been a royal king on the Judaic throne. Why would Ezekiel address a reigning king as a “prince of Israel” and not “thou wicked King of Israel”?

The title of “prince,” in a royal system, is exclusively reserved for the one who exclusively has the right to attain [succeed to] the monarchy. It would therefore be an insult – to say nothing of being politically incorrect – to address a reigning Monarch as “prince.”

Correctly identifying the “wicked prince:”

In the Hebrew set-up of authority, every head of a tribe of Israel was a “prince of that tribe” (Numbers 1:4,16). “These are those that were numbered, which Moses and Aaron numbered, and the princes of Israel, being twelve men.” (Numbers 1:44)

Consequently, the High Priest, as the head of the tribe of Levi, would be correctly addressed as the “wicked prince.”

Point 4: Counter-Argument:

If the “three overturnings” are applicable to the three overturning of the Judaic kingdom, we are then faced with a perplexing conundrum which is found in Isaiah chapter 11. The entire chapter is Messianic – dealing with the Second Advent of Christ.

Verse 11 reads; “And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people.”

This Verse clearly identifies Christ (through God’s power – “the Lord”), as being associated with the Second recovery of the “remnant of his people.”

The First scattering was by Babylon, and the first recovery of the remnant” was under Ezra/Nehemiah.

The Second scattering was by the Romans with the Second recovery being around 1948 and onward.

Now if the traditional interpretation be correct, that national Israel of today is to undergo a third national 2/3 destruction – a “third overturning” and being scattered out of the land of Israel (regardless of whether it is [theorized to be] by the Arabs or present day Romans), this would necessitate that Messiah must be associated with a THIRD recovery.

How can this be, when in Isaiah 11:11 Messiah [His Second Coming] is associated with the SECOND recovery??

Point 5: “It shall be no more:”

Verse 27 says; “I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more, until he [Messiah] come.”

If the “it” has reference to the Civil Kingdom (nation) of Israel, how does one explain “it shall be no more,” when for the last 66 years there has existed a nation in the ancient land of Palestine called the “Nation of Israel?”

This problem, as well as all other problems, are completely resolved if one applies the “three overturnings” to the Levitical Temples. The Three Overturnings of the Temples were:

1). Solomon’s Temple

2). Ezra/Nehemiah’s Temple

3). Herod’s Temple

This interpretation fits very well, that after Herod’s temple was destroyed – the official ceasing of the Mosaic institution – “it,” the religious order which the temple represented, “would be not more until he comes whose right it is.’


Bro. Joe Arabia (permission to use name)


Editor’s comment: This subject of the three “over-turnings” of Ezekiel 21 is clearly the subject of much thought by Believers. This present observer has put forward a view with which I was not familiar.

The reader must determine in his own mind which explanation best fits the case. I must say that in my own mind, this last explanation seems to address all the murky points of the prophecy and certainly deserves more thought. It seems we always have assumed that the prophet was addressing Zedekiah, the king, but the text does not indicate any such view.

The previous chapter (20) sets the scene of this chapter (21) and does not even mention a king, but refers to the Almighty’s giving of the Law at Sinai, and His appointment of it and its High Priest for their governance. We remember that the kingship was a later development founded at the fleshly instigation of the people. Their Father objected to this desire to Samuel, telling him that the People had not rejected Samuel as their leader, but God as their Father and Guide. He added several reasons why His People should not have asked for a king – but He granted their wish just the same.

We thank all contributors to this discussion for their helpful comments. <HEL> March 31, 2014

Q&A - Two Additional Explanations of the Three Overthrows of Judah

The Editor welcomes such comments as the two following - both somewhat different views (and certainly worth our consideration) on the sentence of Ezekiel 21:25-27: And thou, profane wicked prince of Israel, whose day is come, when iniquity shall have an end, 26 Thus saith the Lord GOD; Remove the diadem, and take off the crown: this shall not be the same: exalt him that is low, and abase him that is high. 27 I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more, until he come whose right it is; and I will give it him.

Please consider these views in light of the scriptures and historical events. The Editor is certainly not "certain" that his explanation is correct in this (non-doctrinal) matter of the overthrows of God's kingdom. These are profitable considerations in our mind. Ed.

1. The first reply:


Dear Brother Harold;

Hope you are doing well, been a long time since we visited.

I am reading the eTPL Position paper #25 concerning Ezekiel 21:25,27. I note that it states ...

That there are “DIFFICULTIES OF INTERPRETATION” and “All of which mean that the ove­r-turnings have taken effect in a prior time.”

UNDER SPECULATIONS. 'The first overturning was by

Nebuchadnezzar: could the second be the over-throw of Judea by Rome 70 AD, and the third in 135 AD? All of which is shown to be incorrect except for the first under the Babylonians,' because as (you) stated there was no valid Kingdom then.

Under Is This a Valid Explanation of the Three Over-turnings?

I disagree with the statement that Bullinger's explanation satisfies the prophecy quite accurately and satisfactorily, as well as the Three Over-turnings having been previously fulfilled, as outlined:

In order for an overthrow of a Nation or Government to occur, that Nation or Government must exist in a viable condition, with a Ruler or King, people, (and) land; none of these existed during the 70 year periods as Israel was a conquered nation ruled by Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece.

Please examine the following, which is my understanding of the “overthrowing” and see if it doesn’t follow prophecy more accurately?

First in Ezekiel 4:5&6.

Ezekiel is given the vision of the fall of Jerusalem, he is bound first on his left side for 390 days and then on his right for 40 days or a total of 430 days. It is evident this is a day for a year (probably indicating the subjection of Israel for 430 years without a government of its own). I believe that the 430 years that Ezekiel was bound represented a 430 year period that Israel would have no independent nation or king but be subjected to Gentile powers.

If Jerusalem fell between the years of 606 BC and 587 BC then 430 years later would be ... somewhere between 176 BC and 157 BC, right at the time of the Maccabee revolt against Greece, setting up an independent kingdom with all the required elements, a ruler, subjects, territory.

This existed until 62 BC when Rome defeated Greece.

This in my estimation was the second overthrow.

From 62 BC until May 14 1948 there was no nation of Israel, I believe that in the 13th and 14 chapter of Zechariah the third overthrow occurs, or has occurred just prior to Christ’s return, where Christ establishes the Kingdom which shall never be overturned again.

I would appreciate any comments you might make regarding this sequence of events; I believe it more accurately fulfills the requirements of prophecy.

Yours in the one Hope, _______

[Editor's comment on the above: This sequence, as well as the next suggestion, certainly could be accurate. The only reservation I have about the above events is the part about Israel being overthrown "just prior to Christ's return." I cannot see any indication at all that this will come about.

However, when Christ appears and is recognized by His people, HE will effectively "overthrow" the commonwealth of Israel as now constituted - that is, He will depose the prime minister of that time, dissolve the Knesset, and replace the entire government with His Monarchy - His personal reign of peace and safety, which, as the writer states, "shall never be overturned again."]

2. The second reply: A much different understanding of these occurrences, and certainly worth consideration, as well.

March, 2014

Dear Brother Harold,

My understanding of the three overturns of the throne of Israel of Ezekiel 21: 25-27 is as follows:

All three "overturns" were history when the prophesy of Ezekiel 21st chapter was written. The overturn of the throne of Judah in 598-600 B.C. was the third of those overturns that brought to an end the "Throne of David over Israel."

She has not been a kingdom at any time since because she has not had her own king ruling over her.

The prophesy of Ezekiel began to be written in Babylon when and where they were captives by the river Chebar (Ezekiel 1: 1-2). So the third of the overturns had already taken place when Ezekiel 21: 25-27 was written. The "will" of verse 27 covers from 598 B.C. unto the time when "he comes whose right it is."

That was, He overturned the throne of Israel for about 2600 years.

Three overturns ended the rule of Israel by her own king:

(1) God first overturned the throne that ruled all 12 tribes of the kingdom of Israel when He caused the division of Israel into two nations, that of Samaria and Judah. A king then ruled the northern 10 tribes, and another king ruled in Jerusalem. Therefore, the throne that bore rule over all twelve tribes was no more, it had been "overturned".

(2) Secondly, God overturned the throne of Samaria about 732 B. C. when Assyria invaded the northern 10 tribes and carried many of Israelites to Nineveh. That was the second "overturn" of a throne in Israel.

(3) God then overturned the throne of Judah about 600 B. C. by sending Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon to take captive the inhabitants of Judah. Close to a century later, some members of Judah were allowed to return to Jerusalem (Ezra and Nehemiah), but they have been subjects of foreign rulers ever since. They were made a nation in 1948, but have been ruled over since by Prime Ministers, never having a own king.

Therefore, by those three overturns of thrones, Israel ceased to be a kingdom, and the throne of David was not more. Hosea 6: 1-3 declared that the smiting of the kingdom of Israel was to last into the third (millennial Psa. 90: 4; 1 Pet. 3: 8) day.

We are now at about 2600 years from that smiting of Israel by those three overturns (into the third millennial day) and Israel's throne is about to be restored at the coming of Israel's Messiah.

As stated, when the prophesy was written, there was no throne in Israel anymore and has not been again since. The term "will" simply shows that the overturns were continuing when the prophesy was written, and continues even today.

Soon Jesus will "be king over all the earth; and in that day shall there be one Lord, and His name one" (Zech. 14: 9), and the kingdom of Israel will be restored (Acts 1: 6).

With Fraternal Regards, _______


More on the Blood Moons ...

February 19, 2014. A correspondent has written these additional comments on this fascinating and doubtless important subject. We appreciate helpful letters such as this and solicit them from any reader. If suitable we will insert them in this section

I reproduce that person's words verbatim here ...



Much attention has been paid to the fact that both "Solar and "Moon" eclipses have both been closely related the Jewish holiday and events that are important to the Israelites throughout history. It is an important fact that over the next two years, there are scheduled to be two Solar eclipses which darken the sun; and two Lunar eclipse in which the moon turns the color of blood. Those eclipses are products of both Biblical and human forecasts, and since such eclipses have throughout history brought to pass important events that related to Israel's interests, it is more than probable that the eclipses over the next two years also will bring events important to the expectations and hope of Israel.

Again, we wish to call attention to the fact that Bible Prophesy foretells two important times at the end of this age that call for both Solar and Lunar events They are:

1. The return of Jesus which brings about an intervention with the affairs of the nations of men.

2. The Arab/Israeli conflict. Students of Bible prophesy are aware that after the Arab/Israeli conflict, two important, foretold events must take place, that is, (a) the Gogian invasion of Israel (Ezekiel 38th and 39th chapters; and, (b) the battle of the 10 toes of Dan. 2nd chapter, which are synonymous with the 10 kings of Revelation 17: 12-15 against the Lamb and his servants .

It is important at this time to point out that signs in the heavens are forecast for,

1. The return of Jesus (Matt. 24: 29-30; Mark 13: 24-25; Luke 21: 25" and ,

2. The Arab/ Israeli conflict (Psalms 83: 2-10; Ezek. 28: 20-36; Joel 2: 30- through 3: 13).

A question is in order at this point. How do we know that Joel 2: 30 through 3: 16 is the Arab/ Israeli conflict and not the Gogian, or the European 10 kings conflicts? At this point let us take note of the fact that Russia who is the head or leader of that horde of nations; and the 10 kings of Europe, are both among the most powerful of the nations of the earth. In Joel 3: 9-10, God informs us that these aggressors of the prophesy of Joel are weak peoples "claiming to be strong" That can only be understood to the kindred nations who are descendants of Abraham just as is Israel. Those nations who are also descendants of Abraham have gotten rich from oil sales to the nations of the world. They claim a strength they do not have, but the do feel they have the ability to destroy Israel, God's chosen one (Jeremiah 3rd chapter and Hosea 2nd chapter).

Since Jesus is to be in conflict with "the nations round about", apparently the eclipses that are to occur in 2014 have to do with the return of Jesus and God's intervention through him (Psa. 110: 5; Micah 5: 2, 5; Matt. 24: 21-22; Matt. 25: 31). The resurrected and gathered saints are prophesied to be ready to intercept the nations round about as soon as God's "indignation" against Israel's "kingdom" has ended. The saints hide themselves, as did the angels of II Kings 6: 16-17) so as to allow the invading nations round about to come against Israel without knowing what awaits them in the land as they seek to destroy Israel (Psalms 83: 3, 4).

Again, the Nations Round About are comprised of descendants of Abraham, as are all Israelites. Members of those Abrahamic families listed in Psalms chapter 83 make up the terrorist organizations of the Middle East. Therefore, all the peoples enumerated in Psalms 83rd chapter are already amassed against Israel today, with the intention to "cut them off from being a nation" (Psa. 83: 4).


"This man (Jesus verse 2) shall be the peace, when the Assyrian shall come into our land, and when he shall tread in our palaces, then shall we raise against him seven shepherd, and eight principle men."

The number seven has the meaning of perfection while the number eight signifies immortality. Therefore, the passage speaks of the Assyrian encountering a company of immortals as they seek to destroy Israel.

The ancient nation of Assyria no longer exists. However, the old Assyrian nation occupied the territory in which Iraq and Syria now exist. Terrorists of the Middle East are about to wrest the land which was once Assyria from Bashar Al-Assad, president of Syria. Iraq has already fallen largely into the hands of those terrorists who are backed by Iran, who was called "Persia" prior to 1935.

It is a well known fact that the nation of Iran is working furiously to obtain the status of a nuclear power. The question is in many minds as the whether Iran will obtain nuclear capabilities. This question is closely related to the words of Jesus in Matt. 24: 21-22. For many years, Russia, the United States and Israel were the only possessors of nuclear weapons and the earth had been relatively safe under those conditions. However, now several third world countries have gained the status of a nuclear power, Iran is very close to obtaining that status.

The world is no longer safe under such condition.

It is as God declared in Matt. 24: 21-22, which says the world just prior to divine intervention will be in "great tribulation" and danger of destruction of all life on the earth will be a fearful possibility. However, the intervention of God is guaranteed in verse 22. Might that intervention be closely connected with Matt. 25: 31, meaning the coming of Jesus and the holy angels? Might the world wide possession of nuclear weapons be dismantled by Jesus and the angels? Man finds the problem of dismantling Iran's deep, underground nuclear factories very difficult with which to deal. This would be no problem for Jesus and the angels. We shall see.

Now the question has been asked, does prophesy indicate that Iran will gain nuclear capability? The answer is, probably not! We take special note of the fact that Iran was once known as "Persia". In 1935 she changed her name to Iran. A person can type into their computer the name "Persia" and up comes a number of links that reveal that Iran was once "Persia". We all know quite well that Iran today threatens that as soon as she obtains nuclear power, Israel will be wiped off the map. However, nowhere do the scriptures show Iran coming against Israel with nuclear weapons, It does show Persia which is now Iran later coming with Russia against Israel in a non nuclear conflict (Ezekiel 38: 5). Iran would have already attacked Israel with nuclear weapons had she already gained that capability. However, Iran later joins the attack on Israel along with the Gogian host.

Consider the question, With all of Russia's nuclear capabilities, why does she not use her nuclear power to accomplish her wish to expand her realm of power? It must be remembered that Ezekiel 38: 12-13 show that a number of earth's countries know that Russia will have descended with the intention to take possession of the vast treasures of the Middle East, which includes immense deposits of oil and natural gas. Russia probably will wish to become the world's foremost supplier of oil and gas. A nuclear explosion in the Middle East would make the deposits of oil and gas inaccessible for anyone for a decade or more. Man must avoid any area where a nuclear explosion has occurred and Russia would prevent that to the best of her ability. We also see in Ezekiel 39: 9-14 that Israel is to go forth in an effort to cleanse the land from the terrible destruction that will have occurred; and to bury the dead. She would be unable to do that should a nuclear explosion have taken place. Therefore, it seems clear that no nuclear weapons will be used in the battles upon the earth in the latter days.

What do all the above events have to do with the Lunar and Solar eclipses that are known to be going to take place in the coming months? It is a known fact that throughout history the eclipses have occurred in relation to Jewish holidays and accompanied events that related to things that had special interest regarding Israel and her future. It seems certain that the upcoming eclipses will have relationship to the interest of Israel. Could it be that the eclipses of 2014 have a relationship to the coming of the Messiah to Israel with the holy angels; while the eclipses of 2015 may accompany the Arab/Israeli conflict which is to occur sometime after the coming of Israel's Messiah? Time will answer these questions in the near future. - end of letter -

Q&A - Further Discussion of the Approaching Blood Moons

Feb., 2014

Correspondence has been quite active on this subject. I want to refer to information from two writers who have made comments, one in this snippet and the other in yet another separate entry.

Comments which are italicized, bolded, or enclosed in [brackets] are my explanatory additions. These were arrived at during a follow-up conversation with the author after receipt of the message below.

Dear Brother Harold,

I received your "blood moon" article last week with much thankfulness. There are thoughts I have not been able to get off my mind after reading it. As you pointed out, there remains two years in which those signs occur on Jewish holidays, then no more for 500 years.

Might it be that both of those years that remain are part(s) of the closing events? of the times of the Gentiles? Matt. 24: 3 alerts us that Matthew 24th chapter; Mark 14th chapter and Luke 21st chapter are answering three question.

  • Question 1 - What is the sign of the time when the temple was to be completely torn down, leaving no stone upon another,

  • Question 2 - What is the sign of thy coming;

  • Question 3 - and the sign of the end of the world [i.e., His Second Comning].

Well, Matthew 24: 29, Mark 14: 24-25 and Luke 21: 25 declares that the coming of Christ will also be accompanied by great signs in the heavens just as much so as the Arab/ Israeli conflict of Joel 2nd and 3rd chapters.

The remaining two years of heavenly signs on Jewish feast days seem to me to be important [but separate, distinct] signs. Might those signs in 2014 be the sign of his coming (Isa. 26: 19-20)? After the resurrection of verse 19 and the calling of the living (1 Thess. 4: 16) at his coming, the saints are told to hide themselves (Isa. 26: 20).

[Their "hiding" being their invisibility while cloistered with Him at the Judgment. They are actually hidden from all human visibility by Him. This action refers to their being sequestered with Christ for the events of the Judgment and Immortalization, including the Marriage Supper of the Lamb - completely invisible to the world, for they are made equal to the angels, and will be able to disappear from sight. Note: this was not the exact meaning of the author of these comments, which he clarifies in the final email at the bottom of this article.]

The kindred nations of Israel [those round about] are told that they had consulted together against God and the "hidden ones" (Psa. 83: 3), hidden as in II Kings 6: 15-17.

[This graphically illustrates that their real enemy is Christ and the Saints now standing firmly behind Israel as regathered into the Land, but having as yet not even seen or acknowledged the Christ as Messiah, which they are destined shortly to accomplish, as Zech. 12 and 13 attest.]

The enemies of Israel in Joel 2 and 3: 10 -11 are the Arab-Moslems, for Russia [indicating "Gog" of Ezekiel 38 and 39] is not weak saying, "I am strong". She is one of the worlds greatest powers, as is Europe and the 10 kings.

So I am caused to think that the darkening of the sun and other heavenly bodies of 2014 might herald the coming of Jesus [at which time the earth gives up its responsible dead, and they are gathered with the living to the Judgment]; while the signs of 2015 might accompany the Arab/Israeli conflict.

Jesus and the saints are hidden awaiting the end of God's "'indignation' [His anger both toward the nations and that of the nations round about] against Israel" (Isa. 10: 25), and He shall [then] send his saints forward in defense of Israel.

Might that be the case regarding the final two years of eclipses on Jewish holidays?

Fraternally, _____________, 2/5/14

In a later email, the correspondent related: "Yes, I have long associated that indignation of Isa. 26: 20 with God's indignation against Israel as in Isa. 10: 25. In other words, when the resurrection and judgment takes place, God has not yet ended His feelings of indignation against Israel, so the redeemed saints have to hide themselves from the view of the enemies of Israel so they will not know what awaits them as they enter the land and the palaces of Israel (Mic. 5: 5), for Jesus and the saints come to Israel's aid (Zech. 14: 5)."

My Comments:

I had not thought of breaking down the events of the Second Coming in the way that this author seems to do. He believes that the initial conflict with the nations "round about" will be conducted by Israel alone, while Christ and the Saints are hidden away for the events of the Judgment Bema. If I understand what he is saying, it is that Christ and the Saints come to Israel after the "Palestinians" are defeated as in Obadiah, Isaiah 11, and Isaiah 63. Then Assyria smites Israel's king - their titular head although not at that moment manifested to them or the world - by striking a blow upon His nascent kingdom of Israel, at which time He and His forces appear in the Land to defeat the Assyrians.

The only possible exception to this scenario is that of Isaiah 63 in which Messiah is pictured defeating the forces of Esau (Edom) personally - but this could possibly be an analogy of Israel, His people, defeating Esau without assistance from any of the "people," as in the phrase, "of the people there was none with Me."

The above text was followed by a clarifying email, which is quoted here, verbatim ... profitable for our consideration. Our comments in [brackets].

Dear Brother Harold,

Regarding God's "indignation." His tearing [asunder] of the oneness of the kingship of Israel (Ezek. 21: 25-27) was because of His "indignation." That was to last into the third" (millennial) day" - Hosea 6: 1-2; Psa. 90; 4; II Peter 3: 8).... We are 2600 years from that 'tearing' that was to last into the third day because of His indignation.

As long as they are not 12 united tribes, His indignation continues. As long as He allows terrorists to treat Israel as they are being treated, God's indignation remains. His indignation ends when He does as stated in Zech. 12:6- 8. His indignation will not allow the destruction of Israel, but it continues until He destroys all efforts by the terrorists to try to destroy Israel. When that indignation ends, no arm will be allowed to affect Israel's safety. His "indignation" ends after the saints and Christ defend Israel.

Isa. 63 sounds like Christ there is singular. We have all heard of the multitudinous Christ, and that is all one body. The apostle John encountered a single individual in Revelation 1st chapter who spoke as a singular, but he had a "voice of many waters" (Rev. 1: 15; 5; 8-10). His head was white [as wool,] or a lamb (Christ). So Isa. 63, though it speaks as a singular, is multitudinous. Isa. 26: 20 is AFTER resurrection and immortalization of the saints.

It speaks of the same [conditions] as Zech. 14: 5 does, "the Lord with his saints."

No, my thought is not that the saints are hidden because they are at the judgment, they are hidden because they are immortal and waiting for God to decide that Israel's waiting for her promises to be fulfilled is over. God has not yet ended His indignation against Israel, for she still suffers. But it will end before long, soon after the judgment and immortalization of God's saints.

[Once again, "iron sharpeneth iron" in the Biblical sense. I have gained much from these two conversations (including the following one), and hope that your intellects have also been stimulated to think on these precious things of the Spirit. Ed.]

Further Discussion of the Approaching Blood Moons

Item for Q&A Section of eTPL ...

Further correspondence from a different correspondent on this fascinating and vital subject is considered here. My comments are interspersed in [brackets]. A friend wrote:

February 5, 2014

Hello Harold,

Its me again... I think we're interested in a lot of the same things. I too have done some research on the Jewish Tetrads and what I've learned was that this coming set of tetrads in 2014/15 is the eighth set occuring on Jewish holidays - not the fourth set.

This perhaps makes it all the more significant in that eight is the number of new beginnings!!

You will undoubtably be very interested in reading about these other four tetrads

in this link - http://www.pray4zion.org/TheComingBloodMoons.html

There is information about what was going on in history regarding the Jews (and Christians) at the time of these other tetrads.

According to the information presented in this link, they are:

  • 162-163 AD: Time of the worst persecution of the Jews in Roman Empire history.

  • 795-796 AD: Charlemagne established a DMZ buffer zone between France and Spain, ending centuries of Arab invasions into Western Europe

  • 842-843 AD: Vatican church was attacked and looted by Islamic invasion in Africa

  • 860-861 AD: Byzantine Empire defeated Arab armies at the battle of Lalakaon in Turkey and permanently stopped the Islamic invasion of Eastern Europe.

I also found it interesting to read that there were four partial lunar eclipses on Jewish holidays in 32 AD and 33 AD (on Passover and Feast of Tabernacles). [These are proximate to the crucifixion of Christ.]

The patterns you have identified within a tetrad is something new and I would like to look further into this regarding the other four tetrads noted above.

Details of the 4th persecution of the Jews around 162 AD under Marcus Aurelius Antoninus are given in this website (http://www.biblestudytools.com/history/foxs-book-of-martyrs/the-fourth-persecution-under-marcus-aurelius-antoninus-a-d-162.html).I also read somewhere that single volume bibles (OT and NT) were first produced at the Monastery of Saint Martin's at the time of the second tetrad (795-796 AD). Perhaps this has some significance.

This link also provides historical overviews of Jewish history during the time of the past tetrads that fell on Jewish holidays (http://redmoonrapture.com/portfolio/history).

This is all quite fascinating and I thank you for your recent article and the patterns you've uncovered.

Love in Christ, __________

Our Comments: Although the first four Jewish Tetrads are not as closely linked to the Jewish people as the later four, they are still important events in world history, which leads inevitably to the establishment of the Kingdom of God headquartered in Jerusalem. We may consider them in that light.

Correspondent's second note, via email: February 5, 2014

Hi Harold,

Yes I agree that the other 4 tetrads are not as obviously tied to the Jews based on the history uncovered so far. If you uncover more relevant Jewish history during those time periods, please let me know.

You may also be interested in watching this YouTube video:

http://www.yutube.com/watch?v=16He233VipMhth [Ed. note: This video is not available now since being removed due to copyright infringement claims].

I found this YouTube video quite interesting with clear explanations.....

Not only does it talk about the upcoming 4 blood red moons and two solar eclipses in 2014 and 2015, but it also speaks of the cycle of 7 years talked about in Deut 15:1-2 and what we should watch for in 2014 and 2015.

He thinks we should pay particular attention to:

Sept 13, 2015 (Solar eclipse) which is (Elul 29 - Jewish calendar) 7 years after the largest Dow Jones drop (777 pts) and 14 years after (Elud 29) Sept 17, 2001 when the Dow Jones dropped 685 pts after 911. [Note, these are Gentile events - as noted by SOLAR events.]

Sept 14, 2015 - the Feast of Trumpets,

• as well as Sept 28, 2015 (the 4th blood-red moon of 2014/15). It is also the last of the 8th set of 4 blood moons (tetrads) known) - Eight being significant because its the number of new beginnings.

[Note: this last blood moon will be a "Supermoon" meaning that it will be much larger than normal as it's then nearest the earth in its orbit (called the perigee) and will be visible IN JERUSALEM!]

And he tells us that we should also watch for a "big" earthquake as stage 1 which should precede the 4 blood-red moon and 2 solar eclipses as mentioned in Rev. 6:12-17 (bigger than Haiti, Christchurch and Japan), probably in 2014 .

The solar and lunar eclipses (between April 15, 2014 and Sept 28, 2015) would be considered Stage 2. And stage 3 are the stars that will fall to the earth as mentioned in Rev 6. That's his take on it anyway. Interesting interpretation.

I hope you find the YouTube video as fascinating as I did. {We're sorry that it has been removed from the Web.]

Stay warm, ______________