Amongst the world of modern Christendom, thoughts on "the Spirit" or "the Holy Spirit" are vast and vague. But the Scriptures are clear on the subject, and to reach a sure understanding of this most fascinating and important subject, one need only examine what the Lord has revealed in the Bible and respect the authority of the Word.

The following series is a thorough examination of what the Scriptures reveal concerning the Spirit. Questions like

And many more will be discussed and answered in their Scriptural light.

Below are the various parts of the series in both PDF and video-exhortation format. While the video is obviously more profitable for listening, For a slightly more thorough study, I encourage the use of the PDF versions over the video as more passages are included. Also, the recording of Part 2 contains an error which a well-read Sister informed me of and which has been corrected in the PDF version.


Its Purpose, Transmission, and Extent in the 1st Century Ecclesias and Relevance to Today


TGP NewsletterApril 16, 2023

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This exhortation examines the Scriptural definition of "the Spirit" and the necessity of its outpouring in the 1st Century. If you would prefer to read or print the exhortation, a PDF version is available at the "Print/Download" link above.


TGP NewsletterApril 23, 2023

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PLEASE NOTE: A well-read Sister pointed out that the Philip in Acts 8 is the Philip the disciple (Acts 6:1-6), not the Apostle. This understanding is not only more logical from the entire chapter, but creates greater harmony as it falls in line with the other, more clear, statements in the Word. This change has been made on the PDF version.

Part 2 of the series dives into WHO was to receive the Spirit, HOW it was to be transmitted, and the many manifestations of the Spirit gifts in the 1st Century ecclesias.


TGP NewsletterJune 19, 2023

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Part 3 of the series considers many of the most popular and important questions today about the Spirit. We examine the Scriptural testimony concerning the cessation of the Spirit gifts in the 1st Century and how their roles would thereafter be fulfilled by the completed Bible. We also illustrate the extent of the Spirit in relation to believers of our day.