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"Blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear. For verily I say unto you, That many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them." Matt. 13:16-17

The Prophecy Letter is a circular letter that we send out relating to the development of latter-day prophecy.

October 2023

WAR UPDATES: Syria, Saudi Arabia, the US, and Iran

TGP Prophecy Letter – October 12, 2023


A Syrian Front Opens Up!

What started with just Hamas quickly grew to involve Hezbollah in Lebanon, and now Hezbollah in Syria is entering the conflict!

Israel faces fire from Gaza, Lebanon and Syria, over 1,000 murdered – The Jerusalem Post

Shells launched at Israel from Syria, IDF fire at source – The Jerusalem Post

A multi-front war now threatens Israel after fire from Lebanon, Syria – The Jerusalem Post

Tensions Escalate in the Middle East Amidst Multi-front Attacks on Israel - Israel365 News

As we watch to determine whether this could be the Psalm 83 war, the recent inclusion of Syria is an exciting and very important development, for prophecy says that Syria must be involved. In Psalm 83, the nation of Syria is accounted for by two entities: firstly, the Hagarenes which inhabited southern Syria, and secondly, Assur or Assyria, encompassing modern-day Iraq and the northern half of Syria (Psalm 83:6,8).

It must be noted that there are still other nations who must enter the war for this to be the one we anticipate. If my understanding is correct, those yet to become directly involved are as follows:

Iraq – Assur

Jordan – Edom, Ammon, and Moab

The Bedouins in the Negev – Amalek

Saudi Arabia – The Ishmaelites

It’s important to note that there are already calls for a joint effort against Israel:

Ex-Hamas chief calls for Arab world to join war against Israel – The Jerusalem Post

Across the Mideast, a Surge of Support for Palestinians as War Erupts in Gaza – DNyuz

Here’s a quick look at where these nations currently stand:


Below are three recent news items showing Iraq’s current position on the issue.

Iran's allies in Iraq, Yemen threaten U.S. over intervention in Israel – Reuters

Iraq reaffirms 'full solidarity' with Palestine and Gaza – New Arab

A multi-front war now threatens Israel after fire from Lebanon, Syria - Israel News – The Jerusalem Post

The article says, “Iranian-backed groups in Iraq are also making threats. Hadi al-Amiri of the Badr organization has threatened to intervene if the US intervenes. ‘If they intervene, we would intervene...if the Americans intervened openly in this conflict...we will consider all American targets legitimate … and we will not hesitate to target it.’”

Although they have not directly entered the war, this position is just what we would expect from the prophecy!


Jordan Struggles To Balance Official Stance, Public Sentiment on Hamas' Attack on Israel – The Media Line

Jordan’s King Abdullah calls regional, EU leaders to discuss Israel-Hamas conflict – Arab News

Jordan is calling for peace, but they are also warning that the conflict needs to end before it spreads. One of the above articles mentions that Jordan is calling upon the United States to intervene. We’ll talk about that in just a minute, but as of right now, Jordan is doing its best to play the role of a mediator. But as in the past, it’s likely that they will be forced to choose a side, and if we are indeed watching the onset of the final Arab-Israeli war, we know which side they will choose!


Amalek is said to take part in this war, and all of the best maps I can find show that, at the time Psalm 83 was written (around 1000 BC), the Amalekites inhabited what is now called the Negev. This is now part of southern Israel, and it is home to many Arab Bedouins. These are the only people I can see relating to the latter-day Amalek, and I therefore must presently conclude that they will join their Arab brothers in the Psalm 83 war. As of yet, no word has been voiced on their part in relation to this current conflict, but I recall some news articles from previous months that showed the Bedouin population in the area increasing and the tensions rising. We wait to see.

Most questions I hear about, however, are in relation to Saudi Arabia, and so I will consider them in their own section:

The Role of Saudi Arabia

Many have written and asked for thoughts on Saudi Arabia and their role in this conflict, and so I think it may be profitable to discuss it here. As of now, Saudi Arabia has voiced opposition to the current war. They have verbally condemned Hamas, but they also have blamed Israel for the conflict. What will Saudi Arabia do? Will they support Israel, or will they fight against them?

The question arises from two prophecies which appear to mention Saudi Arabia playing contrasting roles in the latter-day conflicts. In Psalm 83, they are mentioned as the Ishmaelites, and they therefore fight against Israel. In Ezekiel 38, however, many believe they are mentioned as Sheba and Dedan. When Gog comes down for that conflict, Sheba and Dedan neither fight against nor alongside Israel, but question Gog’s intent (Ezekiel 38:13). The question is – If both prophecies refer to Saudi Arabia, why do they have different responses in these different conflicts?

I believe there is a logical answer which may address the issue. I believe the fact that different names are used in each prophecy is critical to understanding this topic. We must remember that the nations of long ago did not have the same borders as those of today. The large plot of land that is now Saudi Arabia was not always ruled by one power, but was divided to multiple powers. Amongst these were the Ishmaelites, Sheba, and Dedan.

The Ishmaelites inhabited the land called Midian which is on the east coast of the Red Sea (Judges 8:22-24, Genesis 37:25-28, 36 CP to 39:1). This is where Moses lived when he fled from Pharoah (Exodus 2:15). Their territory did not encompass the entire Arabian peninsula, but only the northern-most section.

Sheba and Dedan, however, appeared to have only inhabited the mid to southern portions of the Arabian peninsula. Some maps show them as being so far south as to relate to Oman and Yemen and not Saudi Arabia. If this is the case, then Saudi Arabia is not mentioned in Ezekiel 38 at all. Either way, I have found there to be no overlap between the Ishmaelites and Sheba and Dedan. This tells me that the two portions of the Arabian peninsula have different roles in the conflicts to come. I believe the northern portion will come under the direct rule of Christ as a result of the Psalm 83 war, but the latter portion will not be subdued until the Kingdom expands. I’ll briefly explain why and how I think this may play out.

In Psalm 83, the Ishmaelites join the Arab forces against Israel and are therefore destroyed by the Lord Jesus Christ and his immortalized multitude as they move forward from the scene of judgement, a scene we believe will take place at Mount Sinai. Now, where Mount Sinai located? In Midian, on the east coast of the Red Sea. It was upon a mountain in Midian that Moses saw the burning bush and the Lord said, “When thou hast brought forth the people out of Egypt, ye shall serve God upon this mountain” (Exodus 3:12). From Sinai, Christ and the saints will move northward to Jerusalem. This means they will travel through Midian and destroy the enemy along the way, but they will not encounter the lands of Sheba and Dedan as they are south. Christ and his saints will move in the opposite direction. Thus, the Ishmaelites are mentioned in the Psalm, but Sheba and Dedan are not.

I believe the borders of the Abrahamic lot are important to this as well. Having gathered his saints, Christ’s objective will then be to save Israel from their Arab enemies and establish the Kingdom in the land promised to the fathers. The entire earth will one day be brought into the empire of Christ, but the borders of the Kingdom proper are those which were promised to Abraham. I am persuaded that at least part of the land of Midian is within these borders, and it therefore must be conquered. Deuteronomy 20:10-17 records Israel’s instructions for conquering the land, and it is undoubtedly a law that will direct Christ’s actions as well. Concerning the nations that are afar off and were not inside the Abrahamic lot, Israel was first to proclaim peace to it, and then if the nation didn’t submit to Israel willingly, Israel could conquer them. BUT, the nations inside the Abrahamic lot were not to be given such a choice. They must be cleared to make way for the Kingdom:

Deuteronomy 20:15-17Thus shalt thou do unto all the cities which are very far off from thee, which are not of the cities of these nations.  (16)  But of the cities of these people, which the LORD thy God doth give thee for an inheritance, thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth:  (17)  But thou shalt utterly destroy them; namely, the Hittites, and the Amorites, the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites; as the LORD thy God hath commanded thee.

It's for this reason that I believe the Lord will require the northern part of Saudi Arabia to take part in the Psalm 83 war. Their land must be conquered by Christ, for it will be part of his Kingdom. Sheba and Dedan, on the other hand, are considered nations which are “far off” from Israel (Deuteronomy 20:15), and they will therefore have the opportunity to hear the everlasting Gospel preached and be given the choice to submit or rebel (Revelation 14:6-7). If, out of wisdom, they choose to submit, “all the people that is found therein shall be tributaries unto thee, and they shall serve thee” (Deuteronomy 20:11). But if they assume the rebellious pose described in Psalm 2 and declare, “Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us”, the Lord “shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel” (Psalm 2:1-6. Their lands will be conquered by force and the spoil taken unto the Kingdom (Deuteronomy 20:12-14).

Judging from Sheba and Dedans’ response in Ezekiel 38, my belief is that they will have learned the lesson and choose not to get involved in the war when Russia comes down. They will have seen the wrath of the Lord and what happens to those who rebel as the northern end of their nation was lost because of it. Perhaps the southern portions of Arabia harken to the proclamation of Christ’s gospel? Or perhaps, simply out of fear or out of a desire to rebuild what remains of their nation, they desire to stay out of another conflict. These are two possible reasons as to why Sheba and Dedan merely question Gog’s intent.

Now, what is Saudi Arabia’s current position? It is difficult to tell, but it would seem that the hopes for a Saudi-Israel deal are being put off if not having been extinguished altogether.

Biden’s hopes for establishing Israel-Saudi relations could become a casualty of the new Mideast war – Daily News

Potentially historic deal to normalize Saudi-Israel relations is ‘off the table’ after this weekend’s 9/11-scale attack, top political analyst says – Yahoo! News

Just this morning, it was announced that Iran and Saudi Arabia shared a phone call over the Hamas issue (Bloomberg). We can imagine it is about de-escalating the situation, but we cannot say for sure, and things can change quickly.

While it is still too early to tell if this is the Psalm 83 war we are witnessing, my view is that things are changing in ways that can easily lead to that war.

Two last things on the agenda for now: firstly the recent involvement of the United States and secondly that of Iran.

Will the United States Directly Intervene?

The US has stated that they will likely enter the conflict if the governments of Syria and Iran get involved. So far, the nation of Syria hasn’t declared war on Israel, but the Hezbollah factions within have. Iran has yet to declare out-right war as well.

US moves warships closer to Israel after Hamas attack – BBC News

US Likely to Wage War in Israel If Syria, Iran Get Involved: Ret. Gen – Business Insider

‘As long as US exists, we’ll be by Israel’s side,’ Blinken tells PM – The Jerusalem Post

Will the US get involved in any significant capacity? So far, they have sent two aircraft carriers to the region and will supply Israel with armaments. US Special Ops have supposedly helped Israel in rescuing hostages as well, but this is not the same as joining the war against Hamas (World Israel News).

If this is indeed the Psalm 83 war we are witnessing, I believe they will not serve in any great capacity. The reasons for this are numerous, but simply put, prophecy shows Israel as standing alone (Isaiah 63:3,5). If the US does get involved, I expect their role to be so minimal as to not warrant their mention in the prophecies concerning this conflict. If it is a significant role, something must occur to prevent them from fully rescuing Israel.

The reasons why the US might not get too heavily involved are numerous, but I believe the greatest deterrent for direct US involvement will be Russia and China and the prospect of the third World War. In times past, the US has abandoned Israel for this same reason. During the Six Day War and Yom Kippur War, the US decided not to assist Israel too much for fear of Russia intervening on behalf of the Arabs.

Though it is always Israel and the Arabs fighting over the Middle East, it is the US and Russia who support these nations as they represent their interests in the region. If Israel has a greater foothold in the Middle East, the US therefore has a greater foothold. The same is true of the Arabs and Russia. So if the US decides to directly help Israel, Russia is likely to respond in the same way (if they can feasibly do it with the war in Ukraine still going on). And if Russia and the US enter a war, WWIII will have likely just have begun. Therefore, it may be for fear of a third World War that the US may tell Israel, “We’d like to help directly, but we just can’t. All we can do is provide you arms.” It may also be of importance to note that many US citizens support Hamas instead of Israel, although the prospect of a third World War is a more likely deterrent for the US (Israel365 News). Time will tell.

Will Iran Join the War?

The US recently admitted that Iran has the ability to produce the material for nuclear bomb within two weeks, and that report was published over a week ago as of this writing (The Jerusalem Post). What does this mean for the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas?

There is talk that Iran might get involved directly, but the more important question we should always ask is, What does Scripture say? It’s important to note that the only mention of Persia in the latter-days is in relation to the Gogian war. Iran is eerily absent from the prophecies relating to Psalm 83. Therefore, we must conclude that their only semi-significant affect upon Israel will be in those days when Gog makes his descent.

Yet we cannot rule out their desire to inflict damage on Israel now. My belief is that they will act, but they will do so through their proxies, most of which are the Psalm 83 nations. If they order Hezbollah and their other proxies to attack Israel on Iran’s behalf, it’s therefore reasonable that the Scriptures only mention those nations instead of Persia since those nations are the ones physically acting upon Israel. In light of this, we have the following news headlines:

Israel war: Iran's Khamenei hails Hamas, warns retaliation could be 'greater disaster' – Washington Examiner

WATCH VIDEO: Israel prepares for Iran to order massive Hezbollah attack on Israel from the north – All Israel News

Concluding Thoughts

To conclude, we must stress how important it is that we’re seeing the sheer number of signs all happening at the same time. Many times in history have certain aspects of a prophecy been present, but other parts were missing. Therefore, the prophecy remains unfulfilled. This could easily be true of what we are witnessing today with the recent war in Israel, but we must frankly state that things are presently building just as the prophecies say. This might well be the time that Judah “flies upon the shoulders of the Philistines to the west” (Isaiah 11:14) and occupies the land forever, for this is precisely what Israel desires to do:

Israeli leaders call for ‘complete siege’ of Gaza, includes cutting off water, fuel and electricity – All Israel News

Is this Israel’s moment to re-occupy Gaza? - analysis - Israel News – The Jerusalem Post

Large-scale ground assault in Gaza ‘expected soon,’ former US ambassador says – The Hill

I believe this move to be one of the first large events of the Psalm 83 war, and it appears that it could be on our very door step!

Brothers, Sisters, friends: we must take care to lay these events to heart, for Christ will only return once! If the reader has not decided to enter the waters of baptism, now is the time to give it honest, series thought. It is our Father’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom, but He will not delay its appearance for us. Now is the time for boldness and confidence in faith, for the Lord is mightily at work! May we do everything within our feeble ability to found fervently watching, waiting, and rejoicing when our Master comes to gather us!

In the One Hope of Israel,

Tanner Hawkins

ESCALATION – Hezbollah Joins the Conflict! More to Come?

TGP Prophecy Letter – October 8, 2023


The new Gaza war is now over 24 hours old and shows no signs of slowing down. Instead, all understand that this is going to be a “long, difficult war” (BBC News).

We are all wondering, Is this the start of Psalm 83? The answer is, It could well be, but we wait to see. There is a lot to consider, but I will try to explain my thoughts a clearly and concisely as possible. Please bear with me as the import of these things may be profound!

This conflict is different than the countless skirmishes Israel has had with Hamas before. All are surprised at the discipline and planning by Hamas. But the Psalm we constantly refer to is not a conflict between just Hamas and Israel, but with all of the other nearby Arab nations termed “the heathen round about”. The question then becomes, Will these other nations get involved?

We can say with absolute certainty that this very conversation is taking place in the Arab governments, even in those that are “friendly” to Israel. Even if they’ve enjoyed relative peace with Israel, the end of the Jewish state has been longed for by all of the “heathen round about”. Any peace deals that have been made with Israel were not made out of a sincere desire of friendship, but more out of necessity as the possibility for destroying Israel seemed out of the question. They reasoned, “The ideal situation is to destroy them, but as we cannot do that at the present moment, we might as well make the most of the situation and derive some benefit in the meantime.”

It will therefore not surprise me at all if Jordan joins the war, even though Jordan has enjoyed a “cold peace” with Israel. As the prophecies of Isaiah 11:14 and Psalm 83 say, Jordan will become involved in such a war at some point, for they are undoubtedly the latter-day Edom, Ammon, and Moab (Psalm 83:6-7).

But as the Arab nations are contemplating their response, the Biden Administration just sent a message that will certainly factor into their decisions. He warned the other Arab nations against joining Hamas:

Biden warns ‘others’ not to attack Israel, offers ‘rock solid support’ – The Jerusalem Post

To stop Hamas war, Blinken speaks to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey and Palestinian Authority – The Jerusalem Post

This is a move to de-escalate the situation, but one must wonder how sincere the pledge of support is. At this stage, I believe the US would become involved in some capacity if needed. But the real question relates to whether the other Arab nations will heed the warning or not. I believe that if the Arab nations think they finally have an opportunity to wipe out Israel, they will take it regardless of the aftermath. We must conclude that this is the mindset of these Arab nations, for consider: Will there ever be a scenario where the Arab nations could destroy Israel without suffering any consequences from other nations of the world? Will the world let them go completely unpunished? Certainly not. But this is not what the Arabs care about. It is a RELIGIOUS WAR, and they see it as their obligation to WIPE OUT ISRAEL. That is their objective, and I have no doubt that they conclude Allah will take care of the aftermath if the Arabs do their part to destroy Israel.

On that note, it was reported just this morning that HEZBOLLAH has apparently entered the conflict:

Rockets fired from Lebanon at Israel in possible sign Hezbollah is joining the war – Israel National News

IDF strikes Lebanon after Hezbollah targets northern Israel – The Jerusalem Post

Israel is now being attacked from the south and the north! And, uncoincidentally, the nation of Lebanon is prophesied to come against Israel along with the latter-day Philistines (Hamas), for Lebanon is prophetically named as Gebal and Tyre (Psalm 83:7). So far, this on track to expand to other nations, and if Jordan, Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia become involved, I believe we must conclude that the Psalm 83 war is upon us. As of now, that looks like a real possibility:

'May become multi-front war': Lapid Meets with Netanyahu, Calls for Unity – World Israel News

Shock Incursion on Weakened Israel Imperils Regional Geopolitics – Yahoo! News

More on that in just a minute, but we must now address

The Question of Saudi Arabia

We have recently written much on Saudi Arabia and their role in all of this. My conclusion is that Saudi Arabia is the only nation that can be identified as the Ishmaelites of Psalm 83:6. If that is true, then we must address an issue at hand: Saudi Arabia has been trying to make peace with Israel, and they have thus far condemned this attack by Hamas and are calling for an end to the fighting. How could they enter the conflict if they are opposing Hamas?

As we learned yesterday morning, things can change quickly. This could be true for Saudi Arabia as well, for although the Saudis have condemned the Hamas attack, they have also pointed the finger of blame at ISRAEL:

Saudi Arabia blames Israel for ‘unprecedented’ Hamas terror attack – Washington Examiner

Why blame Israel? It is hard to understand, but it shows that the Saudis are not Israel’s eternal friends.

We must also remember that nations do not always speak honestly, but use “political talk”. It is custom for nations to “condemn” an attack on a nation in order to avoid the criticism of other nations. As Saudi Arabia is vying for peace in the region and also trying to stay on the good side of the US, it makes sense for them to verbally “condemn” the Hamas attack, even if they actually support it in their hearts. Their true feelings right now cannot be ascertained, but their blaming of ISRAEL for this conflict tells me that they could easily give Israel the cold shoulder.

It should therefore always be remembered that the Saudis could change their tune any time they please. As mentioned previously, the Arab nations are certainly discussing what they ought to do. If most of the Arab nations believe that the time is ripe to destroy Israel, Saudi Arabia might feel the pressure and decide to throw in their lot with them. It has happened many times in the past, and one specific is example is too relevant not to mention here.

In 1948, the King of Jordan Abdullah I sent armies into Israel with the initial intent of only giving the impression of war. He did not want to fight Israel, but he also knew that he had to side with his Arab brothers or otherwise face their criticism. He was reluctantly forced to enter the war, and he even made this clear to Golda Meir before the war began. His plan was therefore to give the appearance of fighting a war without actually doing anything of value. BUT, something changed that in the course of war. Below is an excerpt from a book detailing the history of the 1948 war, and I believe this aspect has heavy implications for our day. Regarding the King of Jordan before the war began, it reads,

“His fellow Arab leaders had so enmeshed him in their plans (to attack Israel) that his freedom of maneuver was now drastically reduced. If Abdullah still hoped to carry out his schemes, the new circumstances had forced a change in his tactics. He wanted to find a way to talk his fellows out of the war in which they sought to involve him… He desired peace, he told his visitor, but if his proposals were not accepted he feared war was inevitable.” (O Jerusalem!, pg. 345).

After seeing that war was inevitable, Abdullah made the following conclusion. He said,

“The Arab countries are going to war and we must naturally be at their sides, but we are making a mistake for which we will pay dearly later. One day we will live to regret that we did not give the Jews a state to satisfy their demands. We have been following the wrong course and still are.”

Such was the initial position of Jordan’s King in the 1948 war. He was going to fight, but not with all of his might. BUT once the fighting began, the thought of Jerusalem being lost to the Jews changed his tune. In light of that thought, “Abduallah now wanted his men to take Jerusalem, not just threaten it” (O Jerusalem!, pg. 436). And so, even though he initially wanted peace with Israel, the thought of Jerusalem being in the hands of the Jews was too much to bear, and it caused him to passionately fight against Israel.

Perhaps this same scenario will play out with Saudi Arabia? Perhaps they will see their other Arab friends join in and feel pressured to do so as well. The reasons for this are natural. It is a simple fact of war that the victors decide what to do with the spoils. If the Arabs were to succeed in driving out the Jews, who would decide the future of Jerusalem? Who would rule its holy sites? That one question alone would be cause for a war between the Arab nations, and if we were to ask these questions to the Saudi Crown Prince, he would undoubtedly reply, “Why, wouldn’t I be best qualified to do so?” If, therefore, it looks as if Israel could be taken out with the concerted effort of the Arab armies, I believe this is enough to cause the Saudis to abandon their plans with Israel and fight alongside their Muslim brothers just as prophesied.

An Existential Crisis?

This is one of the most important components of this war we are seeing. For most of the other Arab-Israeli wars, Israel has come out victorious with relatively minor wounds. But the Scriptures show that a different scenario will immediately precede the direct intervention of Christ:

Isaiah 17:3-7The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim, and the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria: they shall be as the glory of the children of Israel, saith the LORD of hosts.  (4)  And in that day it shall come to pass, that the glory of Jacob shall be made thin, and the fatness of his flesh shall wax lean.  (5)  And it shall be as when the harvestman gathereth the corn, and reapeth the ears with his arm; and it shall be as he that gathereth ears in the valley of Rephaim.  (6)  Yet gleaning grapes shall be left in it, as the shaking of an olive tree, two or three berries in the top of the uppermost bough, four or five in the outmost fruitful branches thereof, saith the LORD God of Israel.  (7)  At that day shall a man look to his Maker, and his eyes shall have respect to the Holy One of Israel.

I believe this refers to this same war of Psalm 83, Obadiah 15-21, Zechariah 12, 14:4-21, and many others. The Scriptures show Christ and the saints coming to Israel’s salvation:

Habakkuk 3:12-13Thou didst march through the land in indignation, thou didst thresh the heathen in anger.  (13)  Thou wentest forth for the salvation of thy people, even for salvation with thine anointed; thou woundedst the head out of the house of the wicked, by discovering the foundation unto the neck. Selah.

Isaiah 63:1-6Who is this that cometh from Edom, with dyed garments from Bozrah? this that is glorious in his apparel, travelling in the greatness of his strength? I that speak in righteousness, mighty to save.  (2)  Wherefore art thou red in thine apparel, and thy garments like him that treadeth in the winefat?  (3)  I have trodden the winepress alone; and of the people there was none with me: for I will tread them in mine anger, and trample them in my fury; and their blood shall be sprinkled upon my garments, and I will stain all my raiment.  (4)  For the day of vengeance is in mine heart, and the year of my redeemed is come.  (5)  And I looked, and there was none to help; and I wondered that there was none to uphold: therefore mine own arm brought salvation unto me; and my fury, it upheld me.  (6)  And I will tread down the people in mine anger, and make them drunk in my fury, and I will bring down their strength to the earth.

In order for Israel to need saving, they must need something to be saved from. Enter the Psalm 83 war, the beginnings of which might be happening at this very moment. As we speak, the IDF is battling Hamas in the east and Hezbollah to the north. Shoot-outs are taking place in the streets, rockets are being flung back and forth. War is taking place, and as of right now, only three of the ten entities in Psalm 83 are involved (Hamas is accounted for as the Philistines, Hezbollah is accounted for as both Gebal & Tyre).

But hear this: Right now, Israel fears that the conflict will escalate to other fronts if the other Arab nations join in, and this would place them in an existential crisis:

Israel faces an 'existential' threat if war expands - security expert – The Jerusalem Post

The article says, “Israel will face an existential threat if Hezbollah, Iranian militias in Iraq and Syria, and Palestinian terrorists from Judea and Samaria join the fighting, former National Security Advisor Giora Eiland said in a chilling assessment on Sunday.”

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS! The map below illustrations the modern-day locations of the Psalm 83 entities. Now, the IDF is worried about Iraq and Syria becoming involved, and note that both of these nations are accounted for in the prophecy! The territory of Assyria accounts for modern Iraq and northern Syria and the Hagarenes inhabited the southern portion of Syria.

What does this mean for the war? It means that if these other nations get involved in the war, it is very likely that we are witnessing the Psalm 83 war taking place at this very moment. We must watch this very carefully as the ramifications of this could be profound for us believers.

What does this mean for us? PREPARE OURSELVES FOR OUR LORD. It’s important at this early to stage not to be dogmatic and say that this is the Psalm 83 war taking place, but we must also not be so foolish as to say that it is not. The truth is: IT COULD BE, and with the direction things are heading, it looks as if the other nations will join in. If that occurs, that prophesied war is likely upon us at last.

You and I must now look inwardly. Are we ready for our Master? Seriously! We talk of it all the time. We say, “Even so, come Lord Jesus.” But do we mean it? Is it idle speech, or is it the earnest yearning of our heat? Because one day it will happen, and our opportunity for preparation expires in that very moment.

Through these signs, our Lord is telling us, “I AM COMING.” Brothers, Sisters, and friends, the Kingdom of God is coming, and it will not wait for us. The Kingdom is either our hope, or it is not. It is times like these that help us clearly understand where our hearts lie, for we are either excited and joyful upon seeing these signs, or we are fearful and uncertain. If we relate more to the latter group, we must use the time remaining to set our hearts right.

Revelation 21:7-8 He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.  (8)  But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

May this never be us! Rather, may we be wise, faithful stewards, diligently tending to what has been entrusted to us in anticipation of the consummation of all things:

Luke 12:42-44 Who then is that faithful and wise steward, whom his lord shall make ruler over his household, to give them their portion of meat in due season?  (43)  Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing.  (44)  Of a truth I say unto you, that he will make him ruler over all that he hath.

What a time to live as believers! What a blessing to see the things we are presently seeing! Just think: all evidence says that you and I will be the generation that sees the return of Christ. Do we understand the privilege we enjoy in these latter times?

Matthew 13:16-17…blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear.  (17)  For verily I say unto you, That many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them.

May we be fully and profitably exercised by what we are witnessing, so that when that day does arrive, we can say that we have done all that was in our feeble ability to do. It is to those that the Lord will impute his righteousness and grace, for salvation is not earned, but is instead the gift of God (Ephesians 2:8). May we all take confidence in this and remember that the Lord is on our side as long as we are on his. Though we are terribly imperfect servants, our Lord knows this, “For he knoweth our frame; he remembereth that we are dust” (Psalm 103:14). Salvation is not earned, but is granted by grace. Our Lord therefore encourages us to do our best, reminding us that “it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom” (Luke 12:32).


In the One Hope of Israel,

Tanner Hawkins


TGP Prophecy LetterOctober 7, 2023



Rockets slam Jerusalem, Tel Aviv as Netanyahu declares war – The Jerusalem Post

IDF strikes Hamas as operation 'Iron Swords' commences – The Jerusalem Post

The Jerusalem Post explains,

“A barrage of rockets slammed into southern and central Israel Saturday morning, as Hamas terrorists infiltrated the country and took over Southern Israeli towns and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel is at war.

“We are at war, not in an operation or in rounds, but at war,” the prime minister said in a video statement, shortly before the IDF declared “Operation Swords of Iron.”

As of now, the southern portions of Israel have been infiltrated and occupied by Hamas. This is the largest attack by Hamas since they have been in the Gaza strip, and some are likening it to the Yom Kippur war. The IDF is currently fighting to recapture the territory that was lost.

Of course, we must wonder if this could be the start of the Psalm 83 war. The Gaza Strip correlates precisely to the territory of the ancient Philistines, and the Philistines are named among the confederate Arab nations (Psalm 83:7). If this is the start of that war, we must expect the other Arab nations to get involved.

At this early stage, it is only Hamas (the latter-day Philistines) that is involved. Yet it reminds me of a particular prophecy that I believe is a prelude to the Psalm 83 war:

Isaiah 11:14But they (Judah) shall fly upon the shoulders of the Philistines toward the west; they shall spoil them of the east together: they shall lay their hand upon Edom and Moab; and the children of Ammon shall obey them.

The prophecy clearly shows Israel swooping down upon the Gaza Strip with incredible force, and the mention of Edom, Ammon, and Moab means that Jordan will be next! While only Hamas is involved at the present moment, we must note that the events we are now witnessing may be the start of this very prophecy! Netanyahu has promised swift retaliation, and his plan is undoubtedly to do just as the prophecy says: “to fly upon the shoulders of the Philistines to the west.”

Judging from the mention of Jordan in Isaiah 11, it appears that other nations become involved as a result of this conflict with the Philistines. It is likely that this attack from Hamas has been born, in part, by the prospect of a Saudi-Israel deal. The Saudis recently announced that they intend to leave out the Palestinians in any agreement made with Israel, and that may be what has provoked this attack. It’s important to note that Jordan is actively opposing this Saudi-Israel deal for the same exact reason:

Israel-Saudi peace cannot bypass Palestinians - Jordan's King Abdullah – The Jerusalem Post

This conflict with the Palestinians could therefore easily lead to Jordan becoming involved as well as the rest of the Psalm 83 nations! We must watch this carefully and not underestimate the situation!

This topic should be followed minute-by-minute, and as I will not be able to provide updates that quickly, please pay close attention and follow this issue in the news! Our Lord could be upon us!

In the One Hope of Israel,

Tanner Hawkins

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