Class 1

TGP Newsletter - July 24, 2023

This series of classes examines how the Lord scattered His people in AD 70 and how He revealed He would go about regathering them, resulting in the rebirth of the nation of Israel. This first class examines the purpose of prophecy, its usefulness to believers, and then discusses the prophecies concerning Israel's scattering and regathering and what we learn from them.

Class 2

TGP Newsletter - July 30, 2023

The second class begins with the years following the destruction and dispersion. We examine how the Jews were persecuted throughout the lands of their dispersion and how the Zionist movement - a significant tool of the Lord - would begin regathering Jews to their ancient homeland. We consider a few of the important figures who the Lord utilized to further His purpose and begin discussing how the land would be free from the neglective hand of the Ottoman.

Class 3

TGP Newsletter - August 8, 2023

We sort of rushed through some material at the end of the second class regarding Daniel 11:40-43, so we begin the third class reviewing that subject. Just as the Scriptures foretold how the Ottoman would gain control of the holy land, so it was prophesied how they would lose control of the land in WW1 to a more Jew-friendly power, thus allowing massive Jewish immigration to their ancient homeland. This was a dramatic step in prophecy!

Please excuse the abrupt subject change after the video about the Ottoman-Mamluk War. The audio was not working while I was giving the class, so I skipped it. I wanted to be able to show it all here though, so I have inserted it into the proper place.

Class 4

TGP Newsletter - August 15, 2023

We pick up in 1922 with the League of Nations granting Britain the mandate for Palestine and follow the years through World War 2 and the Holocaust. Many large enemies of the Zionist cause take the world stage during this period, but none can thwart the Lord's purpose with His people! We will see just how precise the Word of prophecy is!

Class 5

TGP Newsletter - September 8, 2023

We recap with a video showing the situation in Palestine in the mid-1930s into the '40s and then examine how Britain was forced out of the land. We follow the hand of the Lord as He worked among the nations to bring about the rebirth of Israel. After nearly 2,000 years of dispersion, the nation of Israel was reborn just as the Scriptures foretold!

Class 6

TGP Newsletter - October 1, 2023

In the previous class, the nation of Israel was just born. We now consider the war that took place the very next morning and examine the wondrous prophecies concerning this event. In countless ways, we see how the Lord worked among His people to bring about their miraculous victory!

Class 7

TGP Newsletter - October 8, 2023

From the end of the '48 war to this very day, Israel's history has been nothing but war. We consider this in light of yesterday's attack from Hamas and examine where we are at on the prophetic timetable, considering what lies ahead of us all the way to the magnificent end when the victorious Christ will have "delivered up the kingdom to God", and God Himself will dwell among us! (1 Corinthians 15:24, Revelation 21:1-4).