Splinters 2019

Splinters #2

March 6, 2019

Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee) Rises Due to Winter Rains

The Kinneret, after rising 7.5 centimeters (about 3 inches) over the weekend of March 3, 2019, has risen a total of 187 cm over the winter season. That is nearly six feet of additional water. And more rain is expected in the Galilee and northern Israel before the winter rains abate. The low level of the lake was obvious when we last visited Israel in September. Even with this late accumulation of water, the lake remains nearly four meters below the lower range of optimal capacity – a condition that has existed for several years of unusual drought. <>Arutz Seven

Israeli Strike upon Hezbollah in Lebanon May be Imminent

Israel’s former Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar has opined that an Israeli strike against Hezbollah is needed in order to squelch the terrorists’ accelerated development of highly accurate rocket installations. It is estimated that 150,000 missiles are now aimed at the south from Lebanon! Many of the newer missiles are equipped with GPS systems for pinpoint accuracy.

Even now, he says, Hezbollah is continuing its installation of both missiles and missile factories in the heart of Beirut hoping to allay any offensive attacks by Israel. If much more time elapses, Mr. Sa’ar claimed that the entirety of Israel will be under threat of precision-guided missiles and would face great difficulty defending against the barrage that might be unleashed against the entire country. <> HEL

Israel is Finishing its Wall Around the Gaza Strip

Israel is now building the final phase of its defensive wall along its border with Gaza. Reports seem to conflict as to its makeup. One report says it will be 40 miles long, 20 feet high, and will consist of galvanized steel extending far below surface levels. Another claims it will be made of metal reinforced concrete one meter thick – but declines to say how deep in the ground it will extend. The same kind of barrier in other sectors of Israel is 10 meters (33 feet) high. This would be identical to vast stretches of the Wall which we have observed in Israel.

As to how deep it goes into the ground, an Israeli military spokesman said “It’s deep enough” (to prevent tunneling) ... and that Israel is installing sensitive listening devices with which clandestine tunneling can be easily detected.

Such a wall is in the end far less expensive we believe than any other means of protection. Drones, electronic surveillance, constant vehicular patrolling, removable razor wire, net fencing, and use of any lesser materials, all of which would require sustained costs as well as multiple active defenses of every small action against an unprotected border. All these would appear to be far more expensive than a solitary barrier equipped with sensory devices to detect sporadic incursions – or efforts at tunneling beneath it. <>

New Night Sky Map Reveals Hundreds of New Galaxies

News was made earlier this century when a new estimate of the number of stars in the sky was released. The astounding conclusion was that there are about 300 sextillion stars in the celestial universe. That is 300 followed by twenty-one zeros! It is also thought to be equivalent to all the grains of sand in all the oceans of the earth.

But a new night sky map has been released which shows an additional 300 thousand new GALAXIES – celestial formations each of which contain billions of various planets and stars formerly un-detected!

These new galaxies were recently discovered by astrophysicists from 18 countries using the Low-Frequency Array (LOFAR) telescope in the Netherlands, which takes advantage of (probably) ultra-violet light radiation (wavelengths were not specified in the report we read). In any event, the new galaxies could not be detected by the human eye, and seem largely to be inferred from ancient radiation given off when galaxies merge. They extend over millions of light years. Mind-boggling, isn’t it? <>

Israel Reveals Development of “Bunker Buster” Bomb

Rafael Systems, a premier Israeli defense contractor, has developed an enormous new air-to-ground ‘smart bomb’ known as “Rocks.” It may be equipped with either a high-penetration or a blast fragmentation warhead giving it wide offensive applications.

The weapon is therefore capable of massive destruction of both above-ground installations as well as deeply-buried facilities such as underground nuclear bomb factories or ‘secure’ weapons areas.

According to Raphael, “Rocks uses geopositioning satellite technology (GPS) and an inertial navigation system to navigate in flight and homes in on its target using optical systems and ‘advanced image processing algorithms, which ensures hitting targets with great precision, overcoming GPS jamming or denial.’”

Up to the present time, Israel has had to depend upon the US for similar weapons. The bomb can easily be transported by a single F-16I over long distances, including points as far away as Tehran, Iran.

Ominous? Indeed. <>

Israeli Spacecraft Makes Corrections to Head for the Moon

Feb. 25: An Israeli lunar spacecraft called Beresheet (Beginning) turned on its main engine and made a correction to take it out of earth orbit into its lunar trajectory and is now on its path to the Sea of Tranquility on the lunar surface. Its date of arrival is scheduled for April 11th.

The little (5 ½ foot by 6 ½ foot) craft will travel about four million miles before making is soft touchdown on the moon. It will represent the fourth nation to place a craft on the lunar surface.

The spacecraft cost only $100 million – far less than all other nations’ devices – and contains, among other cultural items, a “time capsule” containing hundreds of files on a digitized disk, including drawings by Israeli children, The Bible, prayers, Hatikva (the Israeli national anthem), Israeli songs and a detailed map of Israel as it is today constituted.

Aside from being a witness to the Israel’s national character, the added work that the satellite is scheduled to perform was not revealed in the press release. <>

Note: Splinters is released and emailed to you sporadically by eTPL as a brief compendium of snippets of information relating to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy of every kind... <HEL>

Splinters #3

March 15, 2019

Israel’s Towed Anti-Aircraft Missile “Bait”

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAD) has introduced a new electronic self-defense system designed to be towed by almost any aircraft – the ELL-8270. The array is towed behind aircraft on a long tether similar to fish bait used in trolling. But in this case, its utility is intended to divert any incoming missile away from the aircraft at an extremely cost-effective price.

The units are self-contained and autonomous. They do not require manipulation by the aircrews. They emit electronic signals which attract the “attention” of incoming missiles – signals which are given off autonomously by the towed array. They may be reeled back into the plane or cut loose if necessary, being inexpensive and lightweight. They are capable of handling several simultaneous threats/attacks at once. They are effective against any type of anti-aircraft missile currently in use.<> Mordechai Sones, Arutz Seven

Moscow and Iran: Arming Lebanon with Iranian Missiles and Personnel

As revealed recently, Moscow at the moment favors ousting Iranian forces from Syria; the same attitude is not in force for Lebanon. It is evident that Moscow and Tehran are increasing their joint efforts to arm Hezbollah in Lebanon, including providing Iranian air defense missiles.

Both Moscow and Tehran have changed their focus from dissociating Iran with Syria to their quest for a much stronger foothold in Lebanon to reinforce their success in preserving the Assad regime in Damascus to the north.

The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister in a visit to Israel on February 10th continued to insist that Hezbollah is not terroristic in nature, but “a positive force for stability in the Middle East,” according to DebkaFile. Accordingly, the two nations will heighten their use of Hezbollah, the Shi’ite terrorist organization, a non-state agent, to further this goal.

The new initiative includes the offer by Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif to the Lebanese army, of a brace of Iranian Bavar 373 missile systems – a near replica of the Russian S-300 systems deployed around the nuclear sites in Iran.

He added that “Tehran is ready to assist Lebanon ‘in every field’ – including the military sphere.”

The article emphasized that the missiles may still not be supplied to Lebanon because of the high risk of their being destroyed by Israeli attacks!

Interestingly, the heightened activity of Hezbollah is thought to be due to the imminent departure of US forces from Syria, giving the Shi’ites more latitude for their increased entrenchment in Lebanon. <>

Sanhedrin to Trump: Do Not Divide Israel and Jerusalem!

The text of an open letter to President Trump has been published by the nascent Sanhedrin ... is greatly encouraging to all who seek the eminent establishment of Christ’s Kingdom on the earth.

“To the honorable President Donald Trump,

“The Beit Din of the Sanhedrin, the High Court of 71, would like to express its appreciation for all you have done for the People of Israel, for the State of Israel, and in particular your formative action in moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

“At the same time, we are very concerned about the implications of the so-called “deal of the century” that has not yet been presented to the public but has already been announced. The plan received considerable attention from Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Netanyahu. We assume that not everyone is wrong and we are convinced that you have truly good intentions to make peace. However, peace can only be achieved if it is not contrary to the will of the Creator. And it follows that peace can only be implemented by whosoever decides to ensure that all of (the) land mentioned in many places in the Bible are granted as an eternal inheritance to the people of Israel, the seed Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

“We ask you and your government not to present any plan that violates the Divine rights of the people of Israel to all of its land, the Land of Israel.

“The Creator of the World did not grant any rights of settlement in the borders of the Holy Land to other nations, and certainly not to the enemies of the People of Israel. If you act according to these principles you will be guaranteed the blessing of the Beit Din and the Blessing of Heaven. Accordingly, your terms of office will be filled with success, both for you and for the United States of America.”

“With great respect and blessings,

“Rav Yoel Shwartz (Chief Justice) [and other Justices]”

N, B. Emphasis is that of the Editor, who shares the sentiments expressed in the above letter. <>

Europe Headed back to its Catholic Roots?

Leaders are now rising to return the Continent back to its Catholic roots. Many feel that the European Union has failed to provide its citizens with reassurance in the face of the present uncertainties prevalent there. There is now a man coming to the fore “who wants deeply to return the Continent to its Christian roots,” meaning Catholicism.

This man would replace EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in elections set for May 23 to 26th. His name is Manfred Weber, who is currently head of the European People’s Party. After the elections of May, the new Parliament will select the next EU Commission President in July.

The emerging prominence of Weber as the most likely successor in this position lends a strong feeling that “the EU is heading toward a drastic turning point” according to an article in The Trumpet. He comes from Bavaria, Germany’s most Catholic state; he is a member of Germany’s most Catholic party, the Christian Social Union. He is openly strong in his religious convictions and deeply believes that the EU as a whole should be as strongly Catholic, presumably in order to preserve its heritage against the tremendous influx of Islamic peoples who have lately invaded Europe from many countries of the East. His election would strengthen the Christian (“iron”) toes of the Image of Nebuchadenzzar (Daniel 2) in our view, and draw clearer lines of distinction with the “clay” elements of the toes...

This tendency was emphasized in a recent interview with Die Welt, in which he said, “As a religion that gives historical-cultural identity, Islam belongs just as little to Europe as it belongs to Germany.” Rather than letting Islam shape Europe, Weber believes that Germany and Europe need a guiding culture founded on Christian values. Accordingly, he is strongly against immigration and favors a closed border with the implementation of strict immigration laws. <> The Trumpet, March 10, 2019.

Israel Blesses the World

Due to its chronically sparse rainfall, Israel has developed some of the most effective means of irrigation in modern history – technology which it richly exports due to a widespread need.

The Israeli irrigation technology invented by Israel’s Netafim has resulted in a $100 million contract to build basic projects which allow 60,000 farmers in over 100 different communities in southern India’s states of Karntaka and Andhra Pradesh markedly to increase their crop yields while at the same time, reducing their usage of chemical fertilizers and water. <>ICEJ, March 12, 2019

A Reprieve for Prime Minister Netanyahu?

The date for a court hearing as to whether Mr. Netanyahu will be indicted for fraud, breach of trust, and bribery will be scheduled for no later than July 10th. This was announced by Israel’s Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit on Monday, March 12th. Within the body of his statement to the press, the AG also agreed to Mr. Netanyahu’s “request not to transfer the evidence in the three cases (being held) against him to the prosecuting and defense attorney’s until 10 April, the day after the election.” Analysts explained that these decisions by AG Mandelblit give Netanyahu time and space to concentrate on the election. <>ICEJ, March 12, 2019

Note: Splinters is released and emailed to you sporadically by eTPL as a brief compendium of snippets of information relating to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy of every kind. <HEL>