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"Blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear. For verily I say unto you, That many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them." Matt. 13:16-17

The Prophecy Letter is a circular letter that we send out relating to the development of latter-day prophecy.

June 2023

China Seeks Ties with Israel – The End of Putin's Rule?

TGP Prophecy Letter – June 30, 2023


The great number of signs we are presently seeing in the political heavens never ceases to amaze. Truly, our days are not like those of before! These are indeed unique times!

We wish to discuss two important developments:

-        First, the declining US-Israel relationship and the new factor of China

-        Second, the Russian Wagner group revolt and its implications for Russia

Israel Warms to China as US Influence Dwindles

US-Israel relations continue to wither. To this day, Netanyahu has yet to receive an invitation to the White House; a customary gesture which should have been extended shortly after Bibi’s election. The US is increasingly critical of Israel, and the divide continues to only grow. Consider the following news items:

US accuses Israel of leaking information to torpedo talks with Iran – World Israel News

Former US ambassador to Israel warns Biden administration of its rocky relationship with Israel – All Israel News

Conference on Palestinian Hatred of Jews Reveals Antisemitic Narrative Adopted by US – Israel365 News

Biden Administration is ‘Embracing BDS’ by Freezing Scientific Collab with Judea and Samaria, says Former US Envoy – United with Israel

At Aspen Ideas Festival, White House panel bypasses mention of Israel – JNS

There are many other examples, but the crux of the issue is this: the relationship is so bad that Israel is now beginning to seek other allies instead of the United States. And not just any allies, but one of America’s greatest rivals: China. The Chinese smell blood in the water, and as they seek to replace the dwindling US presence in the Middle East, they have made friendly gestures to Israel which appear to be warmly received by Netanyahu:

Netanyahu to visit China amid tensions with US – World Israel News

Netanyahu's China visit might signal a new diplomatic focus- opinion – The Jerusalem Post

Netanyahu to Visit China in July – United with Israel

The last article explains Netanyahu’s reasoning:

“‘Netanyahu will not stand around and wait for an invitation to the White House that does not arrive.” Netanyahu has not received the customary White House invitation since taking office in his latest term as prime minister, and Biden has made clear such an invitation won’t be extended “in the near term.’

‘He is working in parallel channels,’ the official added. ‘China is very involved lately in the Middle East story, and the prime minister needs to be there and represent the Israeli interest.’”

Now, while US-Israel relations are far from the point of no return, the move with China is a clear indication that Israel is preparing for a Middle East without the United States. Were Israel completely confident in the world dominance of the US and their unswerving dedication to Israel’s security, then Israel would have no reason to seek out other great allies, particularly those who are considered rivals of the US! Indeed, it’s likely that China would not have even approached Israel if they already had strong American backing. Yet they too can see US presence and influence dwindling and are trying to seize the opportunity to swoop in as a replacement.

China’s role in normalizing the ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia has shown their prowess and desire for overseeing the Middle East affairs. It is their ability to negotiate with the Saudis that perhaps interests Israel the most, for Israel desperately seeks warm ties with them. Why? Once again, it’s because Israel sees their US ally decreasing and wants to position themselves as best as possible.

It is my belief that America’s power in the Middle East must continue to dwindle. I believe history and prophecy tell us why:

We know from prophecy that Israel must stand alone to face their enemies, for the Lord alone will be their salvation in their time of need (Isaiah 63:3). Somehow, America will come to a disposition that will leave Israel on their own.

For 400 years, the Ottoman Empire controlled the holy land, yet believers knew that they had to be driven out so a more Jew-friendly nation could acquire it, allowing Jewish immigration as prophesied. The Ottomans were then driven out in World War I by the British who, initially, oversaw the mass immigration of Jews to the land. But just as the Ottoman’s had to be removed to allow for Jewish immigration, so would the British power need to be removed to allow for the Jewish nation. On May 14, 1948, the British mandate ended, the British pulled out theirs forces, and the state of Israel was declared and recognized, thanks primarily to the United States.

Since then, America has been Israel’s greatest ally. But just like the Ottomans and the British, so too do I believe the United States must recede to fulfill prophecy and allow the nation of Israel to stand alone. While the US does not have as much literal presence as the Ottomans and British had in the land, their power and influence in the region is what gives them sway. Their influence, in my opinion, must then diminish to the point of Israel’s abandonment. This doesn’t mean that they must completely cease from the region, but certainly that they be weakened to the point of ineffectiveness or reluctance to help Israel in their time of need. This diminishing is occurring at the present time.

With America’s decline, could China become Israel’s new confidant? And if it does happen, what might this mean for world events?

Even though they might make gestures to Israel that they can be depended on, like Egypt of old, they might prove to be a “broken reed” that will snap when leaned upon (Isaiah 36:6). China’s ties to Russia and Iran cannot be ignored, and it is likely that Israel will be left out to dry in their future time of need. Then the US, either disliking Israel or feeling snubbed by them, would likely be hesitant to assist, and thus Israel would finally stand alone.

This is by no means the only scenario, nor is it a near-term scenario, yet the possibility remains for the time ahead. We watch to see.

The Wagner Mutiny Attempt – A Sign of Putin’s End?

Many were shocked to hear of a mutiny attempt against Putin by the private Russian military Wagner (Vog-ner) group. The group even began advancing on Moscow, causing the Russian officials to flee. But as suddenly as it began, it ended. With a sudden reversal, the leader of the mutiny called of the advance and accepted exile terms from Putin. What does all of this mean?

Even though the mutiny failed, things are not as they were before. The Wagner group is supposedly one of Russia’s most advanced and capable forces. It points to more widespread unrest amongst Russian forces. The following headlines show some of the aftermath:

Russia's 'General Armageddon' detained after aiding Wagner mutiny – The Jerusalem Post

Putin under pressure to go nuclear after being left with 'poorly trained' military – Express

Putin’s generals are either incompetent or disloyal. Both will terrify him – Telegraph

The Telegraph explains,

“Putin just about survived Prigozhin’s “march that wasn’t”; his regime is just about intact. That’s the end of his good news. His reputation and legitimacy have been irreversibly damaged, and he will no longer know who he can trust.

“After all, it is almost inconceivable that Prigozhin acted in isolation. His objective appears to have been replacing the Russian military leadership, and he would have needed tacit support from elements within the military in order to put new officers in place. It is overwhelmingly likely that he found this.”

Such an advanced military leader such as Prigozhin knows that a march on Moscow without the support of the majority of Russian forces would be a suicide mission destined for failure, so his decision to proceed strongly suggests that he had received pledges of support from the other forces. For whatever reason, they failed to follow through, but the rebellion nevertheless speaks volumes about the Russian military’s stance on Putin and his Ukraine war. Many political experts are perceiving that this is likely a definitive landmark in the demise of Putin. It suggests that Russia as a whole does not agree with his actions and is nearing the point of action.

Adding to this prospect are the rumors of Putin now using body doubles – men who look like Putin who he has stand in for him on certain occasions:

'No question' that Putin is using a body double after Wagner revolt – The Jerusalem Post

“Putin” recently attended an event, and his actions and demeanor shocked everyone. He was unusually lively and affectionate, yet when the pictures of Putin at that event are compared with recent pictures that we know are of the real Putin, one notices stark differences in his appearance. From examining the pictures, my personal assessment is that Putin is using body doubles.

The use of a double would arise from his security concerns. After the Wagner revolt, he likely fears assassination or attack. Yet a double also can stand in for Putin to give the impression of a physically healthy Putin, for his health has apparently declined significantly. Recent images and videos of him show the ruler acting sluggish and his face showing signs of health issues. A healthy, lively body double can keep up his public image and trust.

This was a tactic adopted by the old Russian dictator Joseph Stalin. To the surprise of many, he was only 5’4” tall. He wore enhanced shoes to add to his height and angled cameras to give him a towering appearance. When appeared on public television, it was often not him, but one of two men: actor Mikheil Gelovani or dancer Felix Dadeav (I encourage you to look them up and compare them to Stalin!). Gelovani bore a remarkable resemblance to Stalin but was much taller and broad shouldered. These men were hired to play the role of Stalin to project the image of himself that he desired. It appears that Putin is employing this same tactic.

The question is, With Russia’s unrest and Putin’s declining health, could Putin be ousted from power? After all, one of the greatest worries about the Wagner revolt was out-right civil war and government overthrow! My thoughts are YES. Putin does not have to be in power for Russia to fulfill their prophesied role against Israel. While Putin has ruled for a long time and has tremendously influenced Russia’s stance in the world, this does not mean that he alone must rule Gog when they descend to Israel.

While Putin is not considered a “good” dictator, many political analysts and US government officials have warned that Putin should not be ousted from power, for there are many men who are far worse than him who could fill the gap. The world would miss Putin compared to a potential newcomer.

The concept of a more extreme and dangerous ruler than Putin might seem odd to us since he is so familiar, but Russian history has seen this very scenario play out. Again, Stalin is an example.

During World War I, Russia underwent the Bolshevik Revolution which resulted in the rule of Vladimir Lenin. The iconic face of the new Russia, it seemed to many that anyone other than Lenin would simply not do. Yet following his death, his close comrade Joseph Stalin quickly filled the void, and Russia was suddenly ruled by one of the most brutal dictators in world history. Throughout his dictatorship, he killed between 20 and 60 million of his own people. He was furthermore central in the nuclear arms race and Cold War that continues in spirit to this day.

The point is, it has happened before, and it can happen again. While Putin himself resembles Stalin in many ways, could there be another Stalin to succeed Putin that would be even worse? We should not rule it out. The Lord knows, and our part is to watch in faith of that wondrous end as we see the Lord performing His work among the nations.

In the One Hope of Israel,

Tanner Hawkins

America Approaches Another Nuclear Deal with Iran

TGP Prophecy Letter – June 18, 2023


Recent weeks have seen rumors that the US has reengaged in negotiations with Iran in an effort to slow their nuclear progress. Details of this agreement have just surfaced, and the US has only recently admitted that they are engaged in talks with Iran.

This sounds like a good thing, right? One would think so, but it is anything but. Once again, the US has failed to learn from the past and is falling for Iran’s deception.

The former Obama administration signed a nuclear pact with Iran in 2015 designed for this same purpose. In exchange for the relief of sanctions and the unfreezing of untold amounts of Iranian assets, Iran pledged to slow, or even stop, their nuclear progress and allow other nations the ability to monitor and verify that Iran was keeping their part of the deal. The problem was that Iran used the funds to further their nuclear program, simply sifting it through different channels to make it appear as if they were compliant. Inspectors were not allowed to examine certain areas of the facilities, and they often took Iran’s word that they were keeping their end of the pact.

All of this was exposed by Netanyahu in April of 2018 in a scathing, televised presentation. He referred to high intelligence and Iranian documents showing that Iran had violated nearly every aspect of the deal and that Iran was still progressing to a nuclear weapon.

Instead of halting Iran, the nuclear deal actually worked in Iran’s favor as it lifted their sanctions to invest more money into the program while also giving them a mask to cover their actions. In light of these facts, then-US President Donald Trump announced in May, one month after Netanyahu’s speech, that the US was pulling out of the deal. Since then, Iran has been carrying out their same activities, only now more openly.

But now, the Biden administration seeks to return to a deal:

Iran confirms ‘exchange of messages’ with US over nuke deal – World Israel News

Iran's Khamenei Says 'Nothing Wrong' With A Nuclear Deal With West – International Business Times

Details of imminent U.S. deal with Iran revealed – World Israel News

What’s included in the deal? According to the last article from World Israel News, the deal would require Iran to

-        Freeze its uranium enrichment at 60% (which is still enough for a “crude” bomb)

-        Order their proxies to stop attaching American contractors in Syria and Iraq

-        Consider cooperating with IAEA nuclear inspectors

-        Stop selling ballistic missiles to Russia

In return, essentially, the United States would

-        Not impose any more sanctions

-        Refrain from stopping Iranian oil tankers from reaching destinations that the US considers illegal

-        Most importantly, release billions of dollars in Iranian assets that should only be used for humanitarian purposes

As is clear from the past, Iran will not abide by these stipulations. The 2015 deal required them to keep their uranium enrichment at 3.67%, yet they exceeded that amount and are now around 60% (so they say). Any funds released will certainly not be used for humanitarian purposes. They have proven that they have only one agenda and that their word cannot be trusted. In spite of this, the US seems to be proceeding:

US Approves Iraq Transferring $2.7 Billion to Iran – The Jewish Press

The article says, “In the background of the US nuclear talks with Iran in Oman, the US has given Iraq permission to transfer $2.7 billion to Iran, despite the sanction restrictions.”

Eerily absent from the deal is any mention of ISRAEL, the nation which the US claims is its greatest ally in the region. Yet it was just announced that the deal is intended for Israel; to prevent them from striking Iran:

New Iran deal meant to stop Israeli attack – Western official – The Jerusalem Post

Avoiding Israeli attack is key reason for Iran mini-deal - US official – World Israel News

The US believes that if they can forge a deal, Israel will be satisfied and therefore see no reason to strike Iran. But as Netanyahu has voiced many times, this is not how Israel sees it. Let’s briefly consider

Israel’s Response to the Deal

Netanyahu minces no words:

Netanyahu: New nuclear agreement won’t stop Iranian bomb – The Jerusalem Post

A New Iranian Nuclear Agreement Poses a Threat to Israel – The Jewish Press

And therefore,

Israel is Not Bound by Any Nuclear Deal with Iran, Netanyahu Emphasizes – United with Israel

'Our preparations are for a scenario in which it becomes apparent Iran is on the verge of crossing the last threshold' – Israel Hayom

In Netanyahu’s own words,

“‘Our first mission is to stop Iran from going nuclear’ Netanyahu said at the opening of the weekly cabinet meeting. ‘We made clear to our American friends time after time, and I am doing it again today, that we oppose agreements, first of all to the original agreement called the JCPOA, which will just pave Iran’s way to the bomb and will pad it with hundreds of millions of dollars.’”

“‘Israel will do whatever it needs on its own to defend itself from Iranian aggression, whether on the nuclear file or its terrorist proxies.’” (The Jerusalem Post)

Netanyahu knows that this deal will fail just like the one from 2015, and it is therefore a threat instead of a help. In a move that shows Israel’s understanding of the situation, an intelligence unit designated specifically for preparing for war against Iran was just announced:

New IDF intelligence unit, Branch 54, prepares for possible war against Iran – All Israel News

But make no mistake: this does not mark Israel’s first steps to prepare against Iran. History tells us that plans to strike Iran have been going on for many, many months, if not years already. The creation of this intelligence unit is just another part of it and is likely being announced to warn the Iranian regime.

How soon might Israel act, if at all? While nobody knows for sure, Israel estimates that the US-Iran deal is within weeks of completion (Israel National News). It depends strictly upon how safe Israel feels. When they feel like they have exhausted all alternatives, Israel will do what they feel they need to do, and a catastrophic sequence of events is almost undoubtedly to follow! In my earnest belief, it will most likely be that long-prophesied war of Psalm 83, and, In that day shall the LORD defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and he that is feeble among them at that day shall be as David; and the house of David shall be as God, as the angel of the LORD before them” (Zechariah 12:8).

Please keep a watchful eye! Contrary to natural thinking, this deal does not help the situation for Israel, but only worsens it! Truly, we are fast approaching the day of our Lord.

In the One Hope of Israel,

Tanner Hawkins

As Iran Nears Nuclear Ability, Israel and the US Take Opposite Approaches

TGP Prophecy Letter – June 10, 2023


Israel and the Strike on Iran

Every day brings bolder headlines and causes greater excitement among believers!

Israel is getting their ducks in a row in preparation to strike Iran:

Israel can handle Iran threat on its own, says Netanyahu during drill – World Israel News

WATCH: Israel Sends Iran a Warning – United with Israel

Strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities remains an option amid growing regional tensions – All Israel News

A fellow student asked the other day, “Since Israel is currently divided over a number of issues, do you think they could unite enough to agree to strike Iran?” Now, we have a clear answer to that:

Assessment: Cabinet will approve strike on Iran if Netanyahu seeks it – Israel National News

This is heating up FAST, and it seems like our suggested order of events might be spot on. News organizations all over are now talking about Israel neutralizing Iran and setting back their nuclear ambitions. The result of this would be Iranian retaliation through their proxies (which account for most of the Psalm 83 nations!), beginning a multi-front war that would change the very face of the Middle East. Consider this article from The Jerusalem Post and what it has to say:

On the brink: Unpacking Israel’s unilateral strike threat against Iran – The Jerusalem Post

“‘Israel has reaffirmed its capability for a preemptive strike on Iran, which would likely lead to a multifront war with serious ramifications for the region.’

“‘Iran cannot be prevented from acquiring nuclear weapons. It can only be delayed,’ Citrinowicz said.”

“Israel’s current military exercise is meant to prepare the country for a prolonged multifront war, the scenario Israel expects should it strike Iran.”

An Israeli attack on Iran would likely be the opening act in a larger, multifront regional war. With Iran expected to urge its regional proxies to attack Israel in response, such a war would presumably lead to extensive damage throughout the Middle East and a large number of casualties.”

Incredible… It is sobering to realize how near the final Arab-Israeli war might be, and how NEAR our Master must be!

One of the only questions remaining is whether the US will help Israel or not. The article comments,

“If Israel will conclude that Iran is close to nuclear power, the threat is so big that it will not wait for international legitimacy,” Amidror said. “For years, the world did not help Israel, so Israel will have no choice.”

There are some signs that the US could assist Israel in carrying out the strike, but it is by no means certain. Regardless, Israel is willing to do this alone.

Now, what might such a strike look like? We can gain a good idea by looking to the past, for this would not be Israel’s first strike on a nuclear facility.

In the 1980s, terrorist Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq, and he bought a nuclear reactor from France to produce nuclear weapons that would be used to destroy Israel. All the while, the world stood idly by and allowed the purchase and development of the facility. Why? Because Saddam claimed that it was going to be used for civilian purposes; the same purpose cited by Iran to explain their nuclear ambition. Even the United States did nothing about it. But Israel knew that the bombs were meant for them, and as nobody else was stopping them, Israel had to act.

On June 7, 1981, Israel carried out one of the most daring missions in history: Operation Opera. Given the final go-ahead by Prime Minister Menachem Begin (Men-ah-kem Beg-in), eight Israeli F-16s flew a nearly 2,000-mile round-trip route to the heart of Iraq. The reactor was completely destroyed without the loss of a single Israeli jet or causality. It was a military feat that is still praised today.

The operation was such a tightly kept secret that US President Ronald Raegan’s response to the news was, “They did what?

A strike in Iraq was used as the very last resort, but established a new principle that Israel would thereafter utilize. Named after the Israeli Prime Minister, it is called “the Begin Doctrine”:

“Prime Minister Menachem Begin’s approval of the operation establishes the Begin Doctrine: Israel will do whatever is necessary to prevent a hostile Middle Eastern regime from obtaining nuclear arms... the doctrine is behind Israel’s threats to use military action against Iran’s nuclear program.

Iraq’s Nuclear Reactor Destroyed – Center for Israel Education

There it is, plain and simple. Israel will do anything that is necessary to prevent an enemy from becoming nuclear. Iran is the modern manifestation of this.

Please, if you can spare 45 minutes, I highly recommend this documentary (below) on Operation Opera, for it is undoubtedly very similar to anything Israel will carry out against Iran:

Operation Opera - Israel Airstrike on Iraq Nuclear Reactor 1981 - YouTube

As you watch, you’ll note all of the same factors that we mention today in relation to Iran. There are only two main differences between that situation and the current one with Iran:

This then brings us to the next important topic concerning 

US-Israel Relations and Iran

Will the United States help Israel stop Iran, or will they not? Headlines appear that say both things, but one thing is certain: the United States is not the friend of Israel that they claim to be, and certainly not what they have been in the past.

We’ve just considered the danger which Iran poses to Israel. In spite of this and the catastrophic failure of every other diplomatic attempt to satisfy Iran, the Biden Administration continues to pursue this path:

Blinken to AIPAC: Israel faces 'no greater danger' than Iran but diplomacy is the way to go –  World Israel News

Biden admin's tough talk on Iran masks secret negotiations – The Jerusalem Post

Without Israel, the US is trying to make a deal with the Iranian regime. What’s included so far? DEBKAfile explains one part of the deal:

“The Biden administration is reported to have made this offer to Tehran: Halt high-grade uranium enrichment and in exchange we will release $20bn of the frozen assets locked in Western banks as part of the sanctions regime imposed on the Islamic Republic.”

How does the saying go? “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is called insanity.” The US has done this very thing before and been burned nearly every time. It was done not only with Iran, but with the Palestinians. Large funds were released in exchange for a more peaceful policy, but the Muslim nation instead used those funds to further their programs, funneling the money through various channels to make it appear as if they are being used responsibly. We should expect nothing less from any deal that might be formed between the US and Iran in the days ahead.

While America and Iran deny that any deal is near (Israel National News), Netanyahu has nevertheless made his stance clear:

Netanyahu tells Blinken: No agreement with Iran will obligate Israel – Israel National News

Just like in 1981, if Israel sees that the security of their people is at stake and no other nations will help protect them, Israel will use any and all of their means to neutralize that threat. Their hands will not be tied by any agreement the US might make with the terrorist regime. While the US has said that Israel has a right to protect itself, it seems like there might be a replay of Operation Opera in the works.

Adding to the prospect of a solo mission by Israel is the growing rift between the two nations:

Israel's Fear: Washington Moves Closer to Tehran – Israel Today

Kamala-Cohen spat is overblown but indicates bigger US-Israel issues – The Jerusalem Post

This article explains how “The disagreement over judicial reform is reverberating in other aspects of the US-Israel relationship.”

It was also just discovered that Thomas Nides, the US Ambassador to Israel appointed by Biden, had approved a nearly $1 million grant to support the delegitimization of Israel (JNS). Some friend of Israel!

So, will the US help Israel? We can’t know for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Israel had to tackle it on their own. I believe that if the US does assist, it will be in the most limited capacity necessary to make the mission a success. But having assisted Israel with that threat, America might leave Israel on their own to defend against the retaliation through the Psalm 83 nations. Time will tell, but we know that Israel must eventually stand alone.

Trouble With the Heathen Round About

As to recent news regarding the Psalm 83 nations, we’ll just share a few headlines:

Defense Minister: If Hezbollah starts a war, we’ll strike with full force – Israel National News

Jordanian guards bar religious Jews from entering country, throw kippah into trash can – World Israel News

IDF clashes with Lebanese citizens along Lebanon border – The Jerusalem Post


As stated before, things are heating up FAST! It would be an abandonment of this holy calling to shrug off the signs the Lord has given us. If we are caught unprepared, the only one we can blame is ourselves! The watchmen all around have been blowing the trumpet and proclaiming that the Bridegroom is near, and it is our responsibility and (should be) our joy to respond with invigorated faith and conviction.

Mark 13:33-37 – Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is.  (34)  For the Son of man is as a man taking a far journey, who left his house, and gave authority to his servants, and to every man his work, and commanded the porter to watch.  (35)  Watch ye therefore: for ye know not when the master of the house cometh, at even, or at midnight, or at the cockcrowing, or in the morning:  (36)  Lest coming suddenly he find you sleeping.  (37)  And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.


In the Hope of Israel,

Tanner Hawkins


TGP Prophecy Letter – June 3, 2023


Brothers and Sisters, if there is only ONE Prophecy Letter which you read in full, please let it be this one. Much of this might sound redundant, but we cannot stress the importance of this topic:

An Israeli strike on Iran appears imminent! Exactly when cannot be known, but Iran is becoming more dangerous every day, and Israel is beginning to take real action to prepare for a pre-emptive strike.

For centuries, Christadelphians have talked about the imminent descent of Gog upon Israel, and while this is a certainty, the world situation at present is not poised for this yet. Of all of the enemies that the Lord says will come against Israel, IRAN is currently Israel’s greatest threat. Yet the Scriptures do not tell us about a one-on-one conflict between Israel and Iran, but only show Iran as coming against Israel as one of Gog’s confederates (Ezekiel 38:5). This is the only time Persia (Iran) is said to come against Israel.

But the Scriptures show that there will be a final showdown between Israel and her nearby Arab neighbors before the Gogian conflict. This war is depicted in the 83rd Psalm, and many of the nations listed therein are currently Iranian proxies. These terrorist entities, which surround Israel, carry out the will of Iran who is too far to attack Israel as they wish. Because these proxy nations encircle Israel, the Scriptures refer to them as “the heathen round about” or “the people round about” (Zechariah 12:2, 6, 14:14, Ezekiel 28:24).

Interestingly, Persia is not listed amongst these Arab nations, but they do appear with Russia later on. How can we account for this when IRAN is currently Israel’s greatest and most immediate threat, aiming to destroy Israel with nuclear weapons? Why is Iran not in Psalm 83?

We cannot know for sure, but anyone who has ever read my comments knows my thinking. For the new readers, allow me to briefly explain:

Israel will pre-emptively strike Iran and destroy their nuclear and military facilities before they reach full nuclear capacity. This would neutralize, but not destroy, Iran, preventing them from personally being able to strike back at Israel. Our belief has been that Iran, unable to attack Israel themselves, would then call upon her proxies – the Psalm 83 nations – to avenge her and attack Israel, and this would be when the Psalm 83 prophecy would begin as this would be the first conflict to significantly affect Israel. It will be a multi-front war began by “the heathen round about”, and it will be in this war that Christ and his multitudinous bride appear to Israel’s salvation. Such has been my thinking since November of 2021.

Although events can change quickly, it appears that this could be exactly what happens, for news organizations are now publishing this very scenario. In this Prophecy Letter, I want to show what is happening as we speak and what Iran and Israel plan to do, all in the words of reporters who are following these events firsthand.

First, let’s look at

Iran’s Remarkable Nuclear Progress

Please take careful note of this, for the Iranians are DANGEROUSLY close to having MULTIPLE nuclear weapons!

Iran now has a new missile that might turn the odds more in their favor:

Is Iran's New Missile A Game Changer For Israel? – Israel Unwired

The article says,

“Iran’s 4th generation Kheibar missile will have a range of 2,000 kilometers – long enough to strike Israel. This achievement was unveiled by the Iranian regime and has Israel and the USA worried… The newest missile means that Israel must act soon or the Ayatollah’s will have the upper hand.”

On top of this, experts are warning that Iran CAN now produce not one, but multiple nuclear weapons, and very soon! Uranium must be enriched to 90% to be an effective nuclear weapon, and while it was thought this would take many months, or even years, to achieve, experts now say that Iran can do it in under two weeks:

IAEA: Iran can now make two nuclear bombs – four within a month, says an expert – DEBKAfile

Consider this excerpt from the article:

“In the view of renowned expert David Albright, speaking to The Economist, Iran could enrich uranium to military grade 90pc, in a newly dug underground tunnel near Natanz within 12 days and increase existing enriched material sufficient for four bombs within one month and two additional devices two months later. Indeed, says Albright, Iran can produce a nuke almost immediately, nearing the point of using all of its enriched uranium stock.”

The Economist says Israel may see its window of opportunity closing…”

The Jerusalem Post has verified these statements (The Jerusalem Post).

Israel is warning that Iran is “close to the point of no return” and will soon be forced to act (World Israel News). But won’t the other nations help prevent this? Nope.

In spite of Iran’s clear nuclear progress, the IAEA – the institution in charge of monitoring nuclear progress and violations – has decided to close two investigative probes of Iran:

UN nuclear watchdog closes two uranium probes, eases pressure on Iran – All Israel News

Israel: IAEA accepted Iran's lies over nuclear site – World Israel News

Yes, you read that right. This is akin to a police department closing an investigation of a murderer who is still actively and openly murdering people. It is nonsense, but this is what is happening with Iran.

To be clear: nothing is currently hindering Iran’s nuclear progress. Nothing! In a matter of weeks or months, Iran could have multiple nuclear weapons, all intended for ISRAEL!

What does this mean for Israel? As it’s truly a matter of whether Israel will exist or perish, Israel will be forced to act! They see their window of opportunity closing! That’s why

Israel is Preparing for an Attack on Iran and the Potential Fallout

Again, I’ll let the news organizations explain what’s going on. Remember that most of these do not have any care or knowledge of prophecy. They’re simply reporting on the situation and the likely future ahead:

Gallant: Israel may be called on to act over new Iranian nuclear developments – DEBKAfile

Practicing to attack Iran? IDF launches annual general staff exercise – Israel National News

Israel Military Drill Simulates MULTI-FRONT War; Taliban Threat to "CONQUER" Iran – Watchman Newscast

Israel Prepares To Strike Iran And Defend Itself – Israel Unwired

Not only will Israel attack Iran, but they know that the conflict will not end there. The hair on my neck stood up when I read the above article from Israel Unwired:

“Netanyahu appears ready to order some sort of attack aimed at least setting back Iran’s nuclear ambitions. The challenge of such a strike would be Iran’s retaliation through its proxies that surround Israel. From Syria and Hezbollah in the North to Gaza and Yemen to the South, Israel is nearly surrounded by Iranian proxy groups.”

“The (IDF) forces will practice handling challenges and sudden events on multiple fronts simultaneously,” the IDF said.”

REMARKABLE! Simply incredible! As conjectured from Scripture, Israel cannot destroy Iran now because they must appear with Gog. This has been admitted by Israel, but they do know that they can set back their nuclear ambitions. But as a result of neutralizing Iran, Netanyahu expects Iranian retaliation through the Psalm 83 nations!

If that is indeed the time when Psalm 83 is to be fulfilled, my understanding is that Israel will be weakened and forced to cry unto the Lord for deliverance. It will be at this point that the Lord Jesus and his immortalized, multitudinous bride will go “forth for the salvation of thy people” Israel (Habakkuk 3:13). “The LORD my God shall come, and all the saints with thee” (Zechariah 14:5). The Arab forces will then be vanquished from the earth by the combined forces of Christ, the saints, and Judah, for “Judah also shall fight at Jerusalem; and the wealth of all the heathen round about shall be gathered together, gold and silver, and apparel, in great abundance” (Zechariah 14:14).

It is then that the Jews will recognize their Messiah and mourn for their former blindness, ignorance, and the realization that they had indeed crucified their Messiah (Zechariah 12:9-13:6). The throne of David will be reestablished in Jerusalem, finally chaired by the promised seed, Jesus Christ. The land will be purged of all sin and uncleanness, and “in that day there shall be no more the Canaanite in the house of the LORD of hosts” (Zechariah 14:14). Israel will finally dwell safely, for “THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS” shall reign (Jeremiah 23:6).

It is then, I believe, that Russia will be enticed by the spoils of the war Israel has just gained from her Arab neighbors, and Iran, though formerly unable to join in with their proxies, will have been able to recoup and join with Russia when they begin to converge on Israel.

Brethren, this scenario appears to be on our very doorstep! As we speak, Netanyahu’s most senior aide is in Washington to discuss security issues concerning Iran (World Israel News). As of yet, Israel has yet to receive full US support and will likely be forced to fight alone:

Israel notches up preparations for hitting Iran’s nuclear sites. No nod from the US – DEBKAfile

Please follow these events in the days to follow. As said before, I may be completely wrong in my expectation of events, but so far, everything is going as anticipated. It is my earnest conviction that our Master could send his angels to gather us at any moment! Very soon, “the LORD of hosts shall reign in mount Zion, and in Jerusalem, and before his ancients gloriously” (Isaiah 24:23). May we each be so blessed as to be counted amongst that faithful multitude!

In the Hope of Israel,

Tanner Hawkins

Note: Our title picture for TGP Prophecy Letter reflects our purpose with it. It depicts a watchman on top of the city walls blowing the shofar to warn and announce to the people the great signs of the Lord. The wall bears the Hebrew inscription "Prophecy Letter."